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How To Make Money From Your Metal

Strapped For Cash? Scrap Your Metals! If you are strapped for cash, being resourceful can help you get your hands on the money that you need. One of the last things many people think of when they are searching for some extra spending money is scrap metal. If recycling all of the scrap metal that [&hellip

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How to Start a Magazine Business

How to Start a Magazine in 6 Steps Starting a magazine is not as hard as you would think. I have started several myself and successfully published them for years. Make no mistake, it is hard work, but if you can meet a few key requirements you can get your magazine off the ground. What [&hellip

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Selling Your Home: Things To Consider

If you are thinking about selling your home, you may be tempted to try selling it on your own. However, while you may save a few thousand dollars if you cut out a real estate broker, you need to know that selling a home can increase your property taxes. There is a lot involved in [&hellip

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How to Make Money Selling Ebooks

If you are looking for ways to make money online or to expand your existing home business, selling ebooks could be just what you need. Selling ebooks is easy, affordable and there are practically no expenses (other than purchasing the ebooks). You might want to write some of the ebooks yourself to save money and [&hellip

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What Are The Best Opportunities For Growing Wealth?

In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by news stories related to financial struggle, it is easy to forget that even those of us with relatively small sums of money on hand are able to look for opportunities to grow our wealth. It is understandable why this is the case; having money to spend or [&hellip

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Post-Grad: Creating Your First Budget

So you just graduated college, started your first real career, and are now going to be making a salary for the first time in your life. Chances are that up until this point in your life you have never needed to worry about budgeting your money because, let’s face it, you never made enough to [&hellip

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5 Tips For Saving Money When Opening A B&B

If you are really enthusiastic about customer service and want to ensure people have small simple pleasures in life then opening a bed and breakfast might be a really good idea. The world needs more entrepreneurs and a small B&B can be a nice way to earn a living. Naturally, running your own business is [&hellip

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Starting a Coaching Business

10 Practical Tips to Help You Build a Successful Coaching Business By Simon M. Smith Building a coaching business is tough. Coaching is a hard sell. The reality of building a coaching business (and any business) is often not what people envisaged when they decided to start out on their own. I have grown my [&hellip

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Top Money Myths You Need To Forget

Money. It makes the world go round, or so they say. What cannot be denied is that there are whole rafts of money related myths present in the world. The scary thing is that many people actually know that they’re myths, or at least have an idea, but because they know no better believe them [&hellip

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