Investment is something we all hear a lot about but it is a concept that very few people actually understand. That isn’t because it is a tough concept to get your head around, it is simply because nobody explains it properly. It is something we all know about and engage with as a concept on a daily basis but practically we tend not to get it


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There are many different things you can invest in, this article in particular will focus on companies, the stock market and anything else I can think of. You can invest your money in pretty much anything you can think of. It is incredible to think about how many companies there are out there and you as an investor are what any company needs.

The world is controlled by money and no matter how innovative or groundbreaking your idea is, if you don’t have money to execute it then you just don’t stand a chance. Money truly does make the world go round and you as the investor can hold the key for many businesses.

You just have to do enough research and have a strong enough grasp of the market to make the decision between one company and another. It isn’t rocket science, or is it? You can make you research as complex as you want it to be, work out what you want from your investments before you do anything else.


This is the most obvious starting point, you can naturally invest in companies. There are so many industries out there and you can approach them offering funding for a stake of the company. It is a very dog eat dog world but it is also very simple, you need to put forward what you think of the company and your vision for the future and they have to decide if they want you on board.

It really is that simple. Spend some time working out what companies are achievable and whether they have investors already, all the admin stuff really needs to be done I am afraid, especially if you are investing for yourself.

Stock Market

This is potentially the quickest way to make a lot of money through investment. There are many companies out there that float on the stock market and you can invest some cash in return for a stake in their company, you tend to be able to pick how many shares you want but the cost per share isn’t determined by you.

Again this is pretty simple and if you were to ask investment managers such as Brett Lankester about investment, stocks and shares would be high on his list of recommendations

Everything Else

Think of something, have you don’t that? Well you can invest in it most likely. The internet has not only made the world more efficient but it has made the world much more ambitious too.

There are so many budding entrepreneurs online looking to find that funding in order to make their dreams become a reality.

Neral Tharanga is an international writer with wide ranging experience. He has written for numerous high profile sources during his career and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.