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Combating the banana bugtok disease effectively

Of all the bacterial diseases that continuously inflict severe damages to banana plantations worldwide, the Bugtok disease is claimed as the most “stubborn”. The disease is caused by a bacterium called Pseudomonas solanacearum, which is transmitted by sucking insects. Banana farmers in tropical regions said that bugtok is really difficult to deal with. Though several [&hellip

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How to Make Banana Cake

Banana cakes are baked goods made from mashed banana, flour, sugar, leavening agents, milk, eggs, shortening, and flavoring. Baking banana cakes can be a good source of income. During special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and parties, you could make an additional income if you know how to bake a cake yourself. Banana Cake Recipe Ingredients: [&hellip

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Calauag’s Saba better and healthier with vermicomposting

Calauag, a municipality located in eastern Quezon, rears an abundance of coconut that covers more than 22,000 hectares. With the predominance of coconut in town comes the rising of yet another high-value crop, saba. Aside from being the largest fruit awardee, the saba variety grown in Calauag possesses a quality that is decidedly comparable to [&hellip

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Ethrel: Ripens Bananas and Tomatoes

Fruits must be picked when immature because they will not ripen naturally. However, there are instances when this is inevitable, such as during a storm or unavoidable circumstances. Researchers were conducted at UP Los Baños have shown that immature fruits can somehow be made to ripen with the aid of a chemical, ETHREL. Procedure: Bananas [&hellip

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Banana and cacao complement coconut productivity

Banana and cacao have something in common – they grow best when under shade. Thus, simultaneously growing these crops between coconut trees offer an alternative source of food and income for coconut farmers. In Quezon Province, PCARRD’s Techno Gabay Program supports two concurrent Science and Technology-based Farm (STBF) projects on banana-coconut and cacao-coconut. A group [&hellip

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Banana Peanut Mix

Banana is a common tropical fruit and is a good source of energy. Peanut is likewise a favorite nibble among children and adults, providing them a good amount of protein and fats. When mixed together, banana and peanut blend in high-calorie, high protein food best suited for growing children. Materials: (for a kilo of mix) [&hellip

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Kakawate Leaves Ripen Saba Bananas

Kakawate Leaves Ripen Saba Bananas Studies made at the UP Los Baños showed that when raw saba bananas are put in kakawate leaves (Madre cacao / Gliricidia sepium), its ripening is hastened. This is because the kakawate leaves emit bioethylene, a gas that ripens fruits. It was also seen that when bananas are ripened with [&hellip

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