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Short Term versus Long Term Data Storage

Before data storage became so affordable, the cost was one of the most important factors in determining what data to store. As storage costs decreased, data volumes increased. Companies needed to consider technology, architecture and processes in order to gather, process and retain data.  Organizations had to look at various factors when considering storage, such [&hellip

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Bridge Your Passions and Entrepreneurial Spirit With the Right Digital Tools

Establishing your business in a crowded digital space can be challenging, but knowing where to start is half the battle, says GoDaddy  Manila, 16 November 2021 – At the height of the pandemic, Filipinos leaned on their creativity to power through economic losses, utilizing mainly online spaces. “Live selling” of various wares abounds on social media platforms. [&hellip

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How to Create an IoT App: Making Things Smart

The IoT has a huge market, and it has a lot to offer several other markets. As such, it won’t be long before the Internet of Things devices spread everywhere –agricultural fields, smart cities, big manufacturing plants, homes, cars, and more. In such a scenario, if you are planning to create an IoT app, you [&hellip

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What Security Settings Should Be Used for a Business Router?

For businesses, network routers have become a very essential thing, especially with more and more businesses making the transition towards digitalization. Network routers can be considered as the post office for the communication that takes across a business office. The routers allow the entry and exit of information on both local area network and wide [&hellip

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Huawei Watch Fit: Design, Built-Quality, and Value for Money

Owning a premium smart device and affordability doesn’t seem to go hand in hand nowadays. Like the ones we actually need aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Can you relate? I’m sure you would encounter this dilemma as you’re searching for a reliable fitness watch that can accommodate your daily needs at the same time. Fortunately, many big [&hellip

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Huawei Watch GT 2e: Is it Worth Every Penny?

If it’s your first-time laying eyes on the Huawei Watch GT 2e, I’m sure that the very first thing that you’d observe is the stunning aesthetics of the item. It is essentially a mid-range smart device, but it looks and feels premium to the touch. Aside from its apparent beauty, the GT 2e is also [&hellip

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Huawei GT2 Pro: Design, Battery Performance, and Value for Money

The GT2 Pro is just one example of Huawei’s testament to producing quality smart devices at a price where the general masses can afford. Although the item is a mid-range smartwatch, it is jam-packed with features and highly reliable against the effects of elements. For today’s article, I will talk about the notable specifications of [&hellip

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Green Screen Background – Learning About This Component in Detail

You might have heard of the term green screen but have no clue what it actually means or how does it work. If you are in some of the particular entertainment businesses like TV shows, news anchoring or films, you know the importance that green screen background holds. It is one of the major components [&hellip

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How Website Analytics Can Help Grow Your Business

Knowing when your site gets the most visitors and which pages people frequent the most can help you optimize your website for increased traffic  August 2021- Website analytics can seem like they may only be for the tech-savvy experts, yet, you need to consider the information you can receive about your website. Things such as [&hellip

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