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How to Make Asopao

Asopao is a very popular comfort food in Puerto Rico. It is a kind of stew thickened with rice, also known as Puerto Rican chicken and rice stew, a cross between soup and paella. Asopao (Puerto Rico) Here an excellent dish from the 407 restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel. I’m told it was adapted from a [&hellip

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How to Make Corned Beef

Corned beef is a type of salt-cured beef product. The name comes from Anglo-Saxon times before refrigeration. In those days, the meat was dry-cured in coarse “corns” of salt. Pellets of salt, some the size of kernels of corn, were rubbed into the beef to keep it from spoiling and to preserve it. Thus the [&hellip

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How to Start a Vege-Sweets Making Business

Vegetables are not all for making viands. These herbaceous plants which are chiefly served before the dessert can now be a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth. Eggplant, sayote, tomatoes, “kalabasa” and other edible vegetables can be made into jelly, jam, candy and nata. With abundant vegetables in some areas, sweets processing techniques [&hellip

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How to Make Bangus Fishball

Bangus fishball is just one product that can be develop using milkfish surimi. Other products include milkfish nuggets, fish burger, fish sausage, lumpiang shanghai, siomai, embutido and longganisa. Bangus Fishball(BFAR) Ingredients: 500 grams minced fish meat1 1/2 cups cornstarch4 tbsp. white sugar1/4 tsp. monosodium glutamate2 tbsp. saltCold water Procedure: 1. Remove scales, gills and internal [&hellip

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How to Make Whole, Roasted Turkey with Stuffing

Food business idea: Whole, Roasted Turkey with Stuffing Roast turkey usually forms the centerpiece of Thanksgiving in the United States. There are many recipes and methods for cooking whole turkeys. Below is one of the simplest and therefore one of the most traditional. Cooking turkey and stuffing involves the risk of salmonella poisoning. To prevent [&hellip

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How to Make Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew or Pork viscera in blood sauce) is a popular Filipino dish made from the pork viscera or entrails, meat and blood of a pig. “Dinuguan” is derived from the Filipino word “dugo”, meaning blood. It is usually partnered with puto (sweet steamed rice muffins). Here’s a recipe on how to make [&hellip

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How to Make Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate chip muffins are individual sized quick bread product similar to cupcake but less sweet and no icing. This deliciously sweet chocolate chip muffin recipe makes an excellent breakfast, during tea time or at other meal time. Ingredients 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour1 cup chocolate chips3/4 cup granulated sugar1/3 cup cocoa, sifted if lumpy1 tablespoon [&hellip

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How to Make Korean Sushi/Gimbap

Food business idea: Sushi/Gimbap making Gimbap is a popular snack or lunch dish in Korea. Its primary ingredients are rice (bap) and nori (kim, sheets of dried seaweed). Ingredients Dried seaweedRiceEggsCarrotsSpinachPickled radishTuna, ham, sausage, or any kind of cooked meatSesame oil and seedBamboo gimbap rolling mat (gimbap mari) Procedure 1. Steam rice.2. Cut radish lengthwise, [&hellip

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How to Make Hamburger Patties (Meat Processing)

Hamburger is a popular processed product in the market. It is prepared by curing the meat which is composed of beef or pork. Patties are formed using a hamburger molder. Follow this guide on how to make your own burger patties. Hamburger Patties IngredientsA. Meat Materials (1,000 grams)350 grams Pork lean, ground finely350 grams Beef [&hellip

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