With any business, data security is of extreme importance, whether we like it or not. And no matter if you operate online or offline, this is something you should be on top of.

online business security

But not to sound biased, businesses that operate online are more at risk of security threats, which is why they should develop a security policy to protect the most sensitive data and files.

When your business data or files are compromised, this can really mean a disaster for your operations. And surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen. What you can do first is determine what your most sensitive data is and prioritize its security above all else. These files may be employee information, financial records, contracts, consumer credit card information and etc.

To prevent a breach on your system, there are certain steps that you can take. Here are some to start with:

1. Work with an IT Team

When it comes to online business security, you need some professional guys on board. An IT team that works on creating a secure business system is what you should look for. They will search for all possible loopholes where security threats can get through. At the same time, they will provide the security solutions your business needs. Don’t work on this alone thinking that you can save money. Your security is a worthwhile investment.

2. Make a Security Policy

Together with the advice of the IT professionals, create a security policy for all your employees to follow. A security policy is a set of policies or rules regarding the use and access rights of your business data. This should minimize the risk of security hacks and breaches.

What are some of the effective policies you can enforce?

  • Set access permissions so that only those with authority can access files.
  • Control downloads to your system. Employees might accidentally download spyware into your system.
  • Set rules for transferring files to an external drive. This should prevent employees from bringing home business sensitive data that can be put at risk of being lost or stolen.

3. Updated Antivirus

The Antivirus software you must use should be designed for business needs. The IT professionals you are working with can advise you on the best Antivirus software out there. Keeping it updated should help you in actively monitoring security problems and threats in your system. Just set the software for automatic updating and there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

4. Schedule Regular Backups

You should always be prepared for the worse. And the worse thing that can happen is you lose all your sensitive data without any backup at all. Thus, it is very important that you schedule regular backups of your system. What you can do is schedule a complete hard drive backup weekly, a partial backup for the new files every three days then a core backup once a week. Of course, daily backups are also necessary.

Backups should be stored in a different place. It can be an offshore location or even a cloud. This way, if something happens to your office, let’s say, a natural disaster strikes, you have the backups safe elsewhere.

5. Encryptions and Passwords

Since you will be working with an IT team, talk to them about encrypting all your data. They should develop a secure encryption technique specifically designed for your business. What’s the importance of data encryption? Even if your business data gets stolen, the data won’t be compromised that easily.

The same goes for your wireless network. It should be protected with a WPA2 encryption to keep the network secure.

As for passwords, you must regularly update them and before you pick a password, it should be thoroughly reviewed. When employees leave the company, make it a point to change your password aside from the regular updating schedule.

Enforcing online business security will take work, but this is one part you can not skimp on. Don’t worry about spending much on such service, the consequences of not having a secure system are far worse of a headache.

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