Trying to stay ahead financially is never an easy feat, but it is important that you try to boost your income in order to save for a rainy day or to get yourself out of debt.

With stagnant middle class wages and a slow economy, trying to boost your income with a second job can be difficult to do. Instead of trying to find another 9-5, try boosting your income with some of the following freelance opportunities.

Administrative Assistants

Thanks to technology, many jobs can be done off site, including administrative duties. When companies work virtually, their CEOs and upper management still need assistants to help them complete their work and stay organized. If you have administrative skills and would like to work remotely, then you should look for freelance administrative assistant jobs to help boost your income.

Web Developer

In a day where the Internet rules the world, freelance web developers can make a decent amount of money. If you’re handy with the web and can build a killer website or web tool, then you should consider promoting your skills to the right people. In most cases, a freelance web developer can earn anywhere from $30 – $50 per hour, so you can greatly boost your income and only do this part time.

Graphic Designer

Being able to design websites, brochures, digital ads, billboards and everything else is a great skill to have, especially because businesses are constantly looking for talented graphic designers to promote their business. If you’re handy with design, you could easily snag a freelance job as a graphic designer and boost your income. As a freelancer, you can opt to take on multiple projects at once or simply take on a few just to earn some extra cash.


If you’re handy with words, you could easily snag a job as a freelance writer. You could work as a ghostwriter, copywriter, copy editor, content marketer, blogger or anything else. Freelance writers can make anywhere from $20-$100 per hour depending on skill level and job. You may have to work on site, but you may also be able to tackle some jobs from the comfort of your own home as well.


Every business needs a good accounting person, whether it’s to help them with taxes or their own financial portfolio. If you are good with numbers, then consider freelancing as an accountant or bookkeeper. You may find that you only land some great jobs during tax season, but if you have enough clients during that short period of time, you could easily rack up a healthy savings to boost your income.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and companies are constantly looking for someone knowledgeable to help them break into the social media realm. If you know your way around the popular social media sites and can use reporting and analytical tools like Sprout Social, then you may be just the person to help a company get their social media efforts off the ground as a freelance social media expert.


If you have a knack for typing and grammar, then you should consider online transcription work. Many companies use third-party transcription companies in order to complete the busy work for their business. As a freelance transcriptionist, you could find yourself transcribing medical records, court documents, videos, or a handful of other items. Plus, you are usually able to set your own hours, which allows you to work as much or as little as you want in order to help boost your income efficiently.

Opting for a freelance job can certainly help you boost your income without forcing you to work long hours or adhere to someone else’s schedule. If you have any of the aforementioned skills, try your hand at one of those freelance careers.

Guest Author: Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer and online marketing consultant with Lizzie combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.