G/F Melendres Building, F. Manalo Street, Pasig City

Program Title: BALIKATAN SA KAUNLARAN (Partnership for Progress)

Balikatan sa Kaunlaran (Partnership for Progress) 1


Program Objective: To provide opportunities for poor Filipino families particularly women to achieve self-reliance through self-help, training, mentoring, and provision of sustainable financial services, including collateral-free loans.

Eligible Borrowers:
* Poor but enterprising women who fit the following criteria for poverty:
o Their “house index” as indicated by the points system based on floor area, type of material and roofing used should not exceed the maximum of six (6) points; and,
o Their income index per capita should not exceed P2,000.00 per month.

* Must be a group of 5 to 10 friends who trust each other and live closely to be able to look after each other;
* Must undergo a 2-day pre-loan orientation seminar to learn about the program’s philosophy and rules to be prepared for the discipline required and pass the Group
Recognition Test;
* Must be willing to be federated with other recognized groups to form a Center with a minimum of 30;
* Must be willing to attend one-hour weekly Center meeting near their homes; and,
* Must be willing to memorize and live by the Clients’ Verbal Pledge (code of honor).

Loan Purpose:
* General Loan – as working capital for income generating activities (e.g. livelihood)
* Special Loan – to finance other non-business related needs such as tuition fee, house repair, electric and water utility installation, etc. Also to finance seasonal capital needs as in during Christmas season and school enrollment period.
* Emergency and Calamity Loans – to address the urgent needs during times of personal and natural calamities, such as sickness or death of an immediate family member, floods, typhoons, fire, and other natural calamities.

Coverage: Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, and Bulacan


Loan Amount:
* General Loan – P1,000.00 to P75,000.00
* Special Loan – P1,000.00 to 30,000.00
* Calamity Loan – P3,000 to P5,000

Interest Rate: Average interest ranges from 0.5% to 1% per week.

Maturity / Repayment:
* General Loan – 12 to 50 weeks in weekly payments.
* Special Loan – 4 to 50 weeks in weekly payments.
* Calamity Loan – 50 weeks in weekly payments.

* For loans less than P20,000.00 – no collateral.
* For loans more than P20,000.00 – Post-Dated Checks.

Other Services Offered to Clients:
* Enrollment with PhilHealth (voluntary basis)
* Family accident insurance coverage (very affordable premium)
* Death benefit for spouse and member
* Loan redemption coverage
* Voluntary and withdrawable savings with high interest earnings for members

Contact Details:
Head Office: (632) 641.2207 (632) 642.3895 (632) 393-9962
Pasig Branch: (632) 641.2207 (632) 486.6973
Marikina Branch: (632) 998.2027
Quezon City Branch: (632) 951.4396
Tondo Branch: (632) 712.8047
Paranaque Branch: (632) 489.3515
San Jose Del Monte Branch: (632) 393.8890