Lazada is a privately owned eCommerce company, an online shopping site selling variety of products from individual sellers to small and big sellers. Lazada is the most easiest and hassle- free online shopping site in the Philippines and they offer best deals, discounts, free shipping, fast delivery and cash on delivery mode of payment.

How to Become a Lazada Seller 1

Want to Sell Online? Partner with Lazada through the Marketplace Program!

Shopping online is now one of the easiest tasks to do, since anyone with a phone, PC, and a strong internet connection can simply browse through a long list of items available within the top online shopping site of the country. Anyone can click on an item, have them delivered, and paid through cash upon delivery, within a short time frame. This is effortless shopping in a nutshell. If you want to expand your business through online shopping, now is the time to sell your products through the trusted Lazada Marketplace Program.

If you are in the loop about e-commerce in the Philippines, you would know that Lazada is the premiere online shopping group in the country, boasting thousands of visits from various customers each day, with new items and exclusive deals that make this Internet-based group the best stop for buying and selling products anywhere in the country. Many customers trust the online brand with their orders, and have witnessed effortless shopping at its finest. With years of quality service to both new and long-time customers, people can only expect this group to be more expansive with their offers, allocate more for both sellers and customers, and simply be better than ever.

Why Should You Go Online Selling Through the Lazada Marketplace Program?

One of the main reasons for the group’s success in their venture is through their effective program, where several brands get signed up and allow their items to be sold online through the Lazada Marketplace Program. The group accepts partnerships from groups of any scale, whether these are small businesses, product retail sellers, and large distributors and wholesalers. The biggest advantage of the group’s Marketplace is Lazada’s own tenure as a top market brand online. As stated, the online shopping site boasts a really large audience, with people all around the Philippines visiting them through the website or the mobile app. This provides a good sense of marketing for most of the items since many Filipinos can see the products listed on the group’s portals.

What Does the Marketplace Program Do?

Once a business properly undergoes the steps of the Marketplace partnerships, their products will be among those listed on the Lazada page, where customers can see them, click on them, and buy. The partnership program also entitles the sellers with the online shopping group’s proper methods and steps of the transaction process between the seller and the customer. Once the order is placed, the sellers can process the order with the help of Lazada’s own customer service, and leave the final preparations and the delivery with the online shopping group’s trusted courier services. The overall process for the Marketplace is easy to accomplish, and processing the brand’s items will be up and done in a short amount of time. This fast and reliable process falls under the trusted mantra of effortless shopping by Lazada, which can be trusted by both seller and customer.

Steps in Becoming a Lazada Seller

#1. Register

a) Fill out the Lazada registration form.
b) Upload the following documents: BIR 2303/COR, Mayor’s permit, DTI permit
c) Read and accept the seller agreement
d) Fill out your bank details

#2. Complete the On-boarding Training

a) Complete the online training and survey
b) Verify your seller center account

#3. Post Your Items and Start Selling!

a) Upload your items on your seller center account
b) Confirm your orders
c) Real time chat support in seller center

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