The swine industry dominates other livestock industries in the Philippines in terms of volume and value of production. In 1998, swine population was 10.4 million heads which 17% is in commercial scale and 83 % in backyard farms. One major problem, however, is the rapid increase in price of commercial feeds and feed ingredients which comprice 70 to 75 percent of the total production costs.

Golden apple snail (Pomacea caniculata), commonly known as golden kuhol, is a major pest of rice. However, its meat is a good source of protein for swine. Research results showed that fresh golden snail meat could replace 10 percent commercial mash for growing-finishing pigs or 37.5 and 60 percent soybean oil meal in formulated grower and finisher rations, respectively.


Nutrient Composition Shown below is the proximate analysis of fresh golden snail meat (FGSM) on an air dry basis.
fresh golden snail meat

Required Amount of FGSM

As replacement of commercial mash

Below is the recommended mixture of FGSM and commercial mash that should be fed to the animals daily as a function of their age.
fresh golden snail meat

As substitute of soybean oil meal in formulated ration

Below are the composition, nutrient content and cost of formulated grower and finisher rations with FGSM.
fresh golden snail meat

Preparation of Fresh Golden Snail Meal

1. Collect Golden Kuhol in the field

2. Clean and wash the Golden Kuhol

3. Crush the Kuhol

4. Separate the FGSM from the shells.

5. Wash then chop the FGSM

6. Mix the FGSM with commercial mash (as replacement) or as substitute of soybean oil meal in the formulated ration following the level described above.

Animal Performance and Cost Benefits

As replacement of commercial mash

fresh golden snail meat


1. Converts golden kuhol into a high protein feeds for animals

2. Increases the income of animal raisers in golden snail infected areas.

3. Provide source of income for children and out of school youth

4. Reduce destruction on rice fields thereby increasing the yield and income of the farmers


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