Sustainable living is becoming more and more important. Here is some information about the importance of renewable energy.

renewable energy

What Is Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy can also be referred to as ‘clean energy’. Energy sources that can be continuously replenished are renewable, they come from our planet’s natural capabilities such as wind power, solar power and power from water. These energy sources will never run out, the sun will always shine and the wind will always churn. Some natural energy sources are in greater supply than others and researchers are still trying to improve the practicalities of certain sources such as hydraulic power and biomass energy due to there being some negative environmental implications of the current facilitation processes. The most common renewable energy sources now are solar power and wind power.

Natural energy sources have been used for many years, however over the past 500 years or so, humans have turned to using ‘dirtier’ energy sources due to their ability to be mass produced at a much lower expense. Nonrenewable energy includes fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. These sources are in limited supply and are not replenishable meaning that they will eventually run out.

Renewable energy sources are practical and versatile, they can incur greater expenses than non-renewable sources but as we continue to innovate and advance our technological capabilities, we are continuously finding new ways to harness clean energy at a greater convenience.

 Benefits Of Renewable Energy  

Save the planet

Nonrenewable sources of energy burn fossil fuels that release dangerous ‘greenhouse gases’ into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases rise to form a suffocating layer around the atmosphere and trap heat. This process leads to global warming and is becoming a huge concern. Global warming is destroying habitats, collapsing ecological infrastructures and causing catastrophic ‘natural’ disasters such as fires and droughts.

Using renewable sources of power to run your home and live your life is a great way to play your part in the strive to save our planet. The less dirty energy sources we use, the more control we can gain over global warming and the climate crisis.

Better public health

Using clean energy sources is shown to improve the quality of the air we breathe, the water we consume and the environment we live in. A sustainable world is a healthier world with improved standard of living and quality of life.

Economic benefits

Renewable energy sources accommodate many employment opportunities worldwide and the processes involved are facilitating continuous technological and economical development. On average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.

Stable energy prices

Nonrenewable energy prices can fluctuate dramatically and cause uncertainty for your financial situation. Renewable energy sources are reported to be stabilizing energy prices, helping people to access power sources and run their homes at a more affordable and steady price.

Save money

Adapting your home to become more sustainable can incur some initial expenditures. However, renewable energy sources are often seen as an investment for the future because clean sources of energy allow you to run your home at a lower monthly expense. If you practice energy conservation and make necessary alterations, you can significantly reduce your United Illuminating utility bills.

Set standards and structures 

Using natural, clean energy sources and living sustainably is a great way to set expectations for future generations to follow. It can be easy to practice energy conservation by using ‘smart meters’ in the home to avoid any unnecessary uses of power and keep a track of the activity from each appliance. There are various ways to adapt your home in order to use clean energy, such as adding solar panels and switching to smart appliances.

If you choose to adapt your home to accommodate renewable power sources, you will become a part of a positive movement and influence other households to follow.