Marc Jayson Papp describes himself as a business growth and marketing strategist. Within his career span, he has helped entrepreneurs, startups, and Enterprises generate a massive profit.  He has a   proprietary tool known as TEST. OPTIMIZE. SCALE.  Marc may also very well be the best Filipino coach on e-commerce and Facebook ads.  

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So Who Is Marc Papp, And What Can We Learn From His Pinoy Masterclass?  

Marc Papp Is a family man whose focus is to provide the best for his family. He attributes the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This was back in 2005 when Marc got inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book. He realized he needed to decide between having a business or a job.  

So How Does Marc Define the Distinction Between a Job And Business? 

 A job gives you the comfort of having a salary. You will, however, not see too much growth in your career path. Even if the growth does occur, it will be minimal while covering a long period of time. 

He did hold onto a job for a long time. He was only able to achieve a six-figure salary after working for 17 years. 

Going to work became a drag for Marc. He remembers with trepidation the days he would need to get up to go to the office. He felt like he was a prisoner of the job. Many other things contributed to his dislike for the job conditions. Sitting in traffic for hours, having to commute, and dealing with office politics became a daily struggle.  

A business, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a lot in terms of career projections.  According to Marc, in less than a year, you will be able to achieve a lot.  Best of all, running a business frees you from the restraints of employment.  

Since you are in full control, you get to decide where and when to work.  Even from the comfort of your house, you can get a lot done.  Most importantly, as a family man, he was able to allocate sufficient time to his family. 

But Before You Ditch Your Current Employment, Read On  

Marc was very clear that he could not leave his job until his business was up and running.  It was indeed a sacrifice, but one he knew he needed to make.  The end goal for him was freedom from the constraints of employment.   

Marc stuck around in employment until 2017. The company eventually laid him off, and he found himself in a difficult situation. He struggled with how to break the news of the layoff to his wife.  

It Was Not Smooth Sailing All Along

Research indicates that up to 90% of startups fail within the first year. It does not matter what career field you are pursuing. You could be someone who has invested in expensive software and the best laptop for graphic design to get the best results for your clients. You may have a team of dedicated staff who want to see you succeed. However, challenges do present along the way, and you must be realistic about failure as an option.  

Marc did not have it smooth from the beginning. His entrepreneurship took off in 2017. Like many other people, he depended on online resources and self-teaching to learn about business. As per his advice, Marc did not quit his day job to go into entrepreneurship. He started four Brick-and-mortar businesses between 2012 and 2017, which ended up failing.  

However, Marc did not let the failures hold him down. Instead, he took it all as a learning process and came up with some valuable lessons. His word of advice to entrepreneurs is to understand that failure is a fundamental or essential part of the business game. 

TEST. OPTIMIZE. SCALE. With the Pinoy MasterClass

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So what did Marc learn from the failures? He took the experience of setting up and running the four businesses. Despite the lack of success, he got to know about entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales. He then took it upon himself to teach other people the best ways to navigate the business environment.  

It is the basis of the Pinoy MasterClass, which uses TEST. OPTIMIZE. SCALE. By learning from other people’s experiences, entrepreneurs can avoid mistakes and errors. It assures them of a high chance of success in the business world. 

Marc got into internet marketing by working with one of the forerunners of internet marketing. He does not however mention who it was. The beginning of their work relationship was really interesting. One of his first clients was in the lingerie business. She did not even have a website. He used his Facebook group to push his campaigns. 

The internet marketing guru got wind of the campaign. He then contacted Marc to know more about it. The composition resulted in an 8-month contract for Facebook marketing. His job was paying him six figures, but the contract was paying five figures. 

Despite earning so much less, his focus was on growth and the freedom of entrepreneurship. It worked out in the end. Marc went on to secure clients from the Philippines and all over the world.   

His most potent marketing tool is by sharing successes and failures. His clients, interestingly, all come from Facebook. The most effective marketing tool is through the use of Facebook groups. In his Masterclass, you get access to tons of materials on different subjects, including:-

·         Running profitable Facebook ads for any business

·         Facebook ad policy

·         Scaling a business

·         How to sell using words

·         The rapid validation system for product or service testing through the use of Facebook ads, among others

Final Thoughts

Marc Papp is the best Filipino coach on e-commerce and Facebook ads. What makes his Masterclass successful is that you are learning from his mistakes and successes. It makes his journey so much more relatable. He is also a motivation because of his belief that failure should not keep you down. 

Take each situation as an opportunity to learn and do better the next time around. Many people within the Philippines and abroad have seen success with his Masterclass. He also has powerful case studies on his website as proof of his expertise.