In the restaurant industry, the online reviews you get are just as significant as the food you serve. If your establishment receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, it means more business and a bright future. In contrast, online reviews interspersed with negative reviews of your restaurant means you’re likely to have bad results. Consumers put a great deal of weight on online restaurant reviews.

Responding to negative reviews is the most important tool a restaurant can employ. A restaurant has a chance to re-establish a positive dining experience. Although, responding the right way can turn a negative into a positive, responding the wrong way will make the negative review even worse.

The accompanying resource provides a helpful guide for crafting your responses. Bear in mind that potential customers will be reading your response just as much as the negative review. Respond professionally — no matter how much you disagree with the review. It is also recommended to give yourself a chance to reflect on the underlying problem in the review and respond just as respectfully as you would to a customer experiencing an issue right at the table.

Of course, you must also research and monitor all reviews on different websites. Assigning a person to spot-check sites for a review even on a weekly basis usually isn’t sufficient. Savvy dining managers and owners monitor major and local sites once daily.

Customer complications never get better with age. A badly delayed response is sure to complicate the issue further and give the impression that you don’t operate as effectively when it comes to acting on customer complaints. Having a fast and professional response can win customers back and even win over new users that see your value to a committed business. For more information, check out the infographic.

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