UI/UX DESIGN TRENDS are ever changing and keep taking new and popular forms as time passes by. To be updated with the present trend and receive benefits you need to be aware of them. Make sure that your content is up to date with trending UI/UX designs and is visually appealing as well. Moreover, such trends generate a remarkable impact on viewer’s minds. DesignHill provides knowledge of such trending UI/UX Designs below-

UX design trends
  1. LOGIN WITHOUT PASSWORDS- It is very common these days for people to forget passwords easily. With the emergence of numerous websites and applications, people sign up and then forget passwords. Passwords are really hard to memorize and it is such an error that mostly everyone commits.

Latest UI trends help users to login without using any passwords. The alternatives can be usage of fingerprints, PIN codes or Face authentication.

  1. DARK MODE- With the changing world, people are becoming more inclined towards dark themes. Generation nowadays, do not prefer exposure to bright light on mobile phones or other technical devices. Moreover, it is harmful for eyes.

UI UX Design Trends are shifting various websites and applications to dark themes. It looks very attractive and highlights elements displayed on the page. Also, it is different from themes already present and it saves battery.

Therefore, dark mode is getting into fashion.


Incorporation of AR and VR has been in fashion for years. But, infusion of hyper realistic 3D visuals is so trending and will remain so in upcoming years. They create a buzz and attract more audience. Moreover, it increases time spent on websites as it is very appealing to eyes. Such visuals polish your website and can prove lucrative. Website UI must work very well in order to deliver desired effect, if not, your potential customers may also wither away.

  1. VUI

VUI (Voice User Interface) can capture attention of viewers. It can also boost your online presence and makes you stand out in the competition.

This is a latest UI trend and it involves voice chat boxes and virtual assistants that will lead you to desired content on website. Users can search with the help of voice assistants more easily. Try incorporating such features to stay in the race.


Floating elements and soft shadows give a 3D touch and soft feel to your website. These effects can be applied to texts, images or videos to make them look more attractive.

Popularity of layering elements on top of one another will increase at a high rate in upcoming years.

Also, it can add positive emotions to the content displayed. Designers can make light weight designs with a soft feel and give up those old and classic designs.


As time is passing by, bold fonts are becoming more and more popular. They are high in demand in 2020 and will be more appreciated in 2021 also.

Viewers tend to scan heading first with bold typography. They catch attention easily and add a modern touch. In UI interfaces fonts are considered very essential and useful. Bold fonts can highlight products and services and make them more eyes catching.


Blending graphics and images adds character and tone to your website. UI/UX trends explore the creative side. Incorporate those designs which are eye appealing. It is a great and unique way to display the features and messages that you wish to convey. It can also add seriousness, warmth or playfulness to your website as you desire.


Microcopy can bring a new era in writing content. It can help to increase brand identity as viewers get more engaged with your services. It becomes possible as content seems more appealing, unique and more informal.

Viewers have gotten bored to see those old methods regularly without anything new and interesting. Therefore, it is time to bring a change.

UI/UX design trends have power to bring uniqueness and a closer reach to customers. It can bring more and more conversations of business leads to clients.


These visuals are designed in such a manner that they catch the attention of users. Instead of infusing only in the Centre of the page, incorporate them everywhere especially to view important elements.

These UI trends will be popular in 2021. List, tables are so outdated and boring. Eliminate such factors and bring something new and different in your page.

  1. USE HANDWRITTEN ELEMENTS- Handmade elements add a positive emotion and bring human warmth and coziness to your page. People will tend to feel more engaged.

Such trends make your content unique as you showcase hand designed elements that are exclusively available with you. It makes the whole design look more authentic and less rigid or formal.

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