Over the years, there have been several businesses that have given their employees mobile devices for business purposes. However, in the digital era, this is just not needed anymore as you can have a mobile and business phone all in one. Not only can it save your business money, but it can also create a more productive workspace for your employees. To help you make the right decision to suit your business, we will be providing you with some of the main reasons why an individual mobile handset is not best suited for the modern-day business.

It Can Be Lost Easily

One of the issues when having a separate mobile handset for business use is the fact that it can be lost easily. Whether it is left in a bag, or lost on a train on the way to a meeting, this is another handset for your workforce to be responsible for. Therefore, taking the time to invest in a contract that allows your employees to have their personal phone and a business mobile phone all in one is the way forward.

Additional Costs to Your Company

Another reason why you should combine the two is that an order of handsets for your employees can be costly depending on the mobile phones that you are providing them with. Whether you are lucky enough to have a modern phone such as a Samsung or an iPhone or you are running Sony devices, these can all cost you significantly more as a result. Though there are a few ways that you can make it cheaper, it is important to determine which style of contract would benefit your business in the long term.

More Issues for The IT Department

In addition to being a large amount of money, having new mobile devices is another additional problem for the IT department. Whether it is logging into accounts on the mobile device or it is using the IT department, this can take up a huge portion of their time. In addition, the IT department will also have to deal with any questions that people may have as well as fixing any issues with the handsets that your employees may have. Though it can take time, this will benefit you in the long term with the right amount of time and money.

Different Running Systems

The final reason why you should not use separate mobile devices is the different running systems. With IOS and Android devices running completely different software’s, it can be difficult to make the transition from one to the other. Therefore, implementing handsets with one of these running systems could present problems when it comes to the way your employees use your handsets and therefore using a contract to use their mobile device and work device in one is better suited as this will make it easier for the employees to adapt to work and personal mobile use with ease.

With this in mind, there are several reasons why your business does not need to have their own individual handsets in order to work productively with their own devices rather than having two individual devices.