Here’s a simple truth: cloud platform solutions are both cheap and efficient. You can access them from anywhere, improve your cash flow, and lessen the risks during difficult times. 

But you may be wondering: what exactly is a cloud platform as a service? Well, basically, it’s an on-demand service, a network of servers that’s handled over the Internet, with the remote servers housed by the cloud company. This means that companies using the cloud service don’t have to purchase their own hardware or spend time on maintaining it. A cloud platform company provides a business with all the server space it would need to run the operations smoothly and securely. 

So if you’re thinking of starting a business, doing it with a cloud platform is one of the most efficient ways. Still not convinced? Here are the 5 main cloud platforms’ benefits in detail that have made almost 75% of businesses these days to invest in them.  

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1. Workers Can Be More Mobile

One of the best things about cloud platform operations is that they can be performed anywhere. The employees don’t even need to have an everyday workplace. The executives can easily get an overview of the production and receive reports via the Internet. The best part is that during a time of crisis, like an epidemic, when most people have to work remotely, the company’s productivity can stay unaffected. 

Every employee (given that they have a laptop or a smartphone) can access the data they need to complete the tasks. It’s stored conveniently in the cloud. 

2. Cloud Storage for Games 

If you run an online distribution service for video games or simply build online video games, then an important part of your business is keeping the data. Players can use the cloud platform you provide to store their game states, settings, and files. If they’ve been playing Xbox cloud games like Vampyr or Shadow of the Tomb Raider, they wouldn’t want to lose their hard-earned assets. 

And hardware failures can happen to PCs as well. If your business is an online casino with games like lightning link free coins, then cloud computing is the perfect solution to safely store users’ data and winnings.

3.  A Cloud Platform Gives You Scalable Growth

If your business is small, you’re probably looking for opportunities to grow bigger. However, it’s important to expand at a moderate pace to avoid getting too far ahead of your infrastructure’s capabilities. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to deliver your products to clients. These problems usually emerge if you’re using a customized solution to track the calls. It may work well with a small number of clients, but once you start scaling your customer service, you’re gonna run into problems. Luckily, there are plenty of cloud-based solutions that will help you solve all the growth-related needs. 

4. Create In-House Solutions on a Reliable Platform

Tech companies in 2020 often create their own software solutions and apps. They either use these themselves or sell to their clients. If you’re doing the same, then cloud computing can give you a reliable and stable platform to develop your solutions. And the best part is that it’s very cost-effective. Google Cloud Platform’s pricing, for example, starts at only $0.01.

5. Cloud is Safer than Your External Hard-Drive

All cloud platform examples from Google Drive to SugarSync, have security specialists protecting the information. Even if your laptop gets stolen, it’s impossible to access your cloud data without the password. Or maybe your laptop gets damaged. You can still easily access all your files from another device that’s connected to the Internet. 

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The power of the cloud lies in its flexibility. A company can use cloud technologies when they need to add capacity to their business, let the employees work remotely, and develop their in-house solution in a safe environment. The best part is that whatever cloud solution you need, there are probably plenty of successful companies already using it, reassuring you that you’ve made the right choice. So start using a cloud platform today. It’s your business and your money.  

Do you have any cloud platform reviews to share? Where are you keeping your company’s data? Let us know in the comments section. 

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