The gradual lifting of lockdown across the American states is an indication that businesses can now reopen. If you are a small business owner, you must prioritize the health and safety of your workers and customers above all else. Additionally, resuming after a gap in service also means everyone must keep clear communication, patience, and creativity in mind to prosper within this unprecedented and unique situation. The following article details some helpful hints to reopen successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reopening tips for small businesses post Coronavirus lockdown by Bradley J Beman

Set up customers’ expectations

Due to the serious concern of contracting COVID-19, customers may be wary of resuming normal shopping habits. As a business, you can counter this by maintaining proper social distance and sanitation protocols. Effective communication of this to your customers will put their mind at ease and encourage their return. The reopening strategy should be clear and accessible on your social media profiles, email communication, and all other platforms to remove any confusion.

Acknowledge loyalty

When you reopen your business, you should look at it as a renewed marketing opportunity. Use social distancing as an exclusive pass for your loyal customers. For example, if you run a salon, you can have a long queue of customers waiting for your service. Of them, some may be premium clients; approach them for priority booking to show your appreciation for their loyalty. It is imperative you keep the salon clean for each customer, so take care to allot proper time for sanitation in between appointments.

Revisit your inventory or service

In the words of Bradley J Beman, customers’ expectations and requirements may have transformed a bit due to the pandemic effect. As a small business, you must reevaluate your offerings as your ability to provide services will be constrained by time and space. Thus, you must choose services and items that both profitable and safe.  

Be creative with your space

Businesses must reevaluate their use of space if they hope to meet social distancing requirements; the more creative, the better. A good example is restaurants utilizing sidewalks, parking areas, and closed streets to expand seating capacity while staying within established protocols. Other restaurants are evoking the feeling of a full restaurant by placing stuffed animals or mannequins at empty tables. Gyms and fitness centers can also expand their area for workout sessions by choosing public parks and other outdoor venues. Thinking outside of the floorplan box can help you stay afloat during the pandemic.

Use digital tools

Many businesses have adopted social media strategies to encourage customers to come back. For example, Personal trainers and gyms have started giving daily challenges on their social media to encourage engagement with their followers who could become a customer base. Promotions and sales can also increase traffic to your business’s website, so take full advantage by promoting these deals on social media.

As a small business, your focus must be on increasing revenue and getting your customers back. When clients trickle into your store, they should feel safe and happy. If proper measures have been taken, you have a chance to earn the trust of loyal and new customers.