On average, full-time employees spend around 40 hours at their work every week. During this time, we’re exposed to a range of germs that can make people sick — as with the annual ‘flu season’ — and we can even perpetuate an unhealthy space just from not regularly disinfecting our equipment including our computers. Dr Lisa Ackerley describes these workplace hygiene facts saying, “Germs spread quickly from one person to the next, from stomach-churning food poisoning bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus to viruses like norovirus, colds and flu.”

What we can control is how we treat the space around us especially as many of us spend most of our work days sitting at our desks. Michael Loughlin writes, “Humans are the biggest source of microorganisms at the desk – most bacteria in an office comes from people,” with this statement offering a directive for how we can take steps that boost the hygiene and anti-viral rating of our surroundings. There are many benefits of prioritising a healthy desk, not least in terms of how it integrates with standard workplace health and safety practices. We can all make a difference in our workplaces to mitigate the risk of spreading germs and making the entire environment far more comfortable.

As offices prepare to reopen, and to expand on this topic, the Cleaning Services Group produced this infographic to help you with practical advice on, ‘How To Maintain A Healthy Desk’. From creating systems for cultivating a hygienic space with explanations of the different ways cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising works, this graphic can be used as a guide in workplaces or even for our remote home office set-ups. Don’t let dirty mugs pile up and use the handy checklist provided to keep workspaces hygienic and anti-viral for enhanced productivity. Stay safe, healthy, and make sure not to eat at your desk as well. Not only is important to stay physically health, but also your mental health is equally as important. You can read more to explore your online therapy options during this time.

maintain a healthy desk