Running a business on your own could be a complicated and challenging affair. It certainly does not merely involve getting into your office, coming up with some ideas, and taking it for granted that your job for the day is done. The fact remains that a small business or startup entrepreneur should be versatility personified. He should be great at multi-tasking as he would be required to play different roles and do a wee bit of everything particularly during the initial stages of setting up your new business.

As per, entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in primarily a market economy. The entrepreneurs are known to fuel the economy’s engine and are instrumental in activating and effectively stimulating and motivating all sorts of economic activity. It has been proven beyond doubt that nations across the globe enjoy economic success by chiefly encouraging and motivating the entrepreneurial spirit and instinct. Entrepreneurs must be acknowledged and acclaimed because they are responsible for an economy’s growth, prosperity, and overall success.

As the owner of a small business, you are lacking in resources hence, you cannot afford to hire too many employees or for that matter, set up several different departments for the smooth running of your business. Instead, you need to come forward and assume a number of roles on a temporary basis for establishing a solid foundation and precise direction for your business to grow, sustain, and thrive, As a successful entrepreneur, you are expected to perform a number of impressive and remarkable roles every single day.

Eric Dalius Presents a List of Entrepreneurial Roles

Act as the Leader

Entrepreneurs are often compelled to play the role of leaders. However, you could be great at leadership only if you can master the art with exposure and experience. As the business leader, you are expected to resolve conflicts, establish the internal tone, and set a valuable instance for your team. A business owner must resolve conflicts with perfection and keep morale high during crisis situations and times of hardship or utter distress.

Be a Competent Figurehead

An entrepreneur is constantly assuming the role of an efficient figurehead. Even though it seems that a figurehead is almost like a leader in reality, an entrepreneur would need to have laser-sharp attention to detail and must be more focused. As an entrepreneur, you must focus on effective networking with clients, attending speaking events, and even developing your unique personal brand online. Eric J Dalius firmly believe that clients and prospects would be associating your behaviors and personality with your brand or business. You must be sincere and leave a great impression.

Consider Yourself as a Dedicated Visionary

Entrepreneurship is all about playing the role of a visionary. Business owners are supposed to be bubbling with enthusiasm and brilliant ideas too. You need to face new challenges, search avenues for innovation, and identifying new ways of tackling old hardships or challenges.  You must constantly look for novel techniques to improve and even a brand new direction for the organization to grow and prosper.

Efficient Resource Allocator

An entrepreneur evaluates the resources available in the market today. It is his responsibility to allocate resources effectively between diverse departments of his organization for suiting his necessities and demands.  This goes a long way toward achieving the objectives and goals.

Be a Competent Financial Analyst

The most critical factor leading to the failure or success of an organization is your company’s financial health. Even if you are seeking professional assistance from a CFO, you would still need to oversee all your financial records and even taking proactive steps for preventing disaster like securing a whole new line of credit.

Behave as a Marketer

You are responsible for boosting overall online awareness and building a robust brand. You could consider recruiting marketing professionals. Moreover, it is your responsibility to finalize your marketing plans related to the business.


With time, you may have the necessary resources to hire experts for separate departments but even then you would still need to come up with final decisions and establish firmly the direction in which the other organization leaders must progress.