As you read through the newspaper, you will come across several corporate and industrial events, making it big! Leading brands, business tycoons, industrial leaders, influencers, media personalities, and the like depend on events to brand themselves, their products, brands and create a unique name. Hence, event planning as an industry and job vertical is here to stay. Are you planning to start an event planning agency? Or do you already have an agency and want to take a leap from working for small events to bigger and popular ones? In both situations, you need to get your planning accurate to succeed in this dynamic and competitive market place. 

Get the event planning basics correct

Every professional vertical has its rules that you need to follow. To ensure that your event planning business is successful, you can count on the following steps:

1. Decide a niche for your projects

Today, almost every vertical has events. It includes media, advertising, entertaining, corporates, lifestyle brands, individuals (wedding events planning), and many more. Hence, it is necessary to choose a niche based on your experience and competency. You can also club in two or three verticals with a similarity in the nature of events organized. For instance, a professional corporate event planner can manage media and lifestyle events as well.

Hence, take some time out and check the portfolio of work you’ve done! If you’ve had success in corporate events mostly, then it’s a smart call to choose corporate events as your vertical.

2. Let others know that you exist

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your corporate event planning agency, you need to let others know. Here, it would be best if you implemented the first stage of brand promotion activities. One of the best ways is to email your past clients’ list that you’ve revamped your event planning firm and that you are willing to undertake new projects at a grand scale. It will help them know your work expertise and contact you when there’s an apt working opportunity. Your clients can also share your contact with another corporate brand that’s looking for an event planning agency to organize their business seminar, product launch, and other grand corporate events. The brand promotion will lead to word of mouth publicity, which will work in your favor.

3. Use official items and other accessories as a welcome gesture

Progressive event planning agencies have their office! And so, when potential clients drop-in, you need to share a welcome gesture with them. You can either present them with your corporate franchisee pens, pen-drives, and other similar stationary items or give then a bandana. Usually, event planning agencies have a new age appeal to their way of doing business.

Corporate bandanas today are in vogue! It’s a sign that your brand is willing to have a personal connection with your clients. It also shows the start of positive and favorable business relations. You can customize a bandana with smart one-liners or phrases that will create a lasting impression on your clients. To know more about this, you can check out 4inbandana.

Your clients are always judging you on your business approach. Bandanas will let them look at you as a brand as one that’s equipped with the current business trends. It will also position your event planning as a trendy brand and is willing to experiment with innovative event planning ideas to ensure maximum client delight. You might develop a set of loyal clients who wants to work with your agency for any corporate or lifestyle event.

4. Have your vendor list ready and updated

Every event planning agency needs to have its third part vendor list ready! Corporate and lifestyle events usually require podium, standees, banners, audio-visual devices, table and chair arrangements in a theater style, refreshments, gifts, and stationaries. An event planning agency must keep all their vendor contact updated. The smart event planners also ensure that they bargain and get a reasonable rate for their best clients. When clients can save more by working with your event planning agency, they will choose your brand over others. It also means you need to ensure that none of the vendors backs out at the last moment. When you update the list, make sure you add only able and trustworthy vendors.

5. Have a business expansion plan

It is profitable to have a set of five loyal clients for whom you are planning high-budget events! But along with that, you need to fetch ongoing short-term projects as well. It will help your brand to grow and expand. For this, you need to take part in the business forums and other networking events. Here you can connect with leading corporate, promote your business, and get more business scopes. Alternatively, you can also send your company details to other corporate brands searching for an event planning agency.

Surviving successfully in a competitive market is crucial. As an event planning agency, you need to seize the best business opportunities and enhance your skills.