Online job postings make hiring processes extremely efficient for employers and candidates alike. Businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) based software not only to streamline the resume review process, but also to reduce bias. AI-powered Application Tracking Systems (ATS) help hiring managers narrow down applicant pools quickly, allowing them to focus more time on meaningful tasks and relationship building.

With thousands of organizations across industries using ATS, job seekers need to understand how to get approved by artificially intelligent systems. One small error could potentially disqualify your application before a human even gets to review it. How can you create an AI-friendly resume that also wows the people making hiring decisions? Of course, optimizing your application for the ATS should go along with crafting a captivating and well-written resume. The graphic below from the team at LiveCareer illustrates tips to follow and red flags to avoid to make it past the AI bots of the ATS:

AI friendly resume