Are you taking advantage of your Facebook account features to maximize your content reach, engage followers, and increase your revenue? With more than 2 billion active users on a monthly scale, Facebook is a pool of potential for your business, especially startups and small business operations that require a broad audience but lack the funds for expensive marketing campaigns.

Moving from idea to full-stack business enterprise is a long road, and social networks like Zuckerberg’s college project can help you shape the foundations of your business. Let’s take a look at what it takes to bring your business to Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

The first order of business would be creating a suitable presentation of your business on Facebook. Thanks to the latest additions, business owners can now market and run their entire operation using the popular social media platform. All one has to do is go to Create New Page, choose their business type, or the next closest category. For example, if you’re running an essay writing service, you won’t choose a category that relates to music production.

After filling in your general information, and creating a short description to bring your business closer to your audience, it’s a good moment to start loading some photos and videos, to keep the future followers engaged and active on your page. As time goes by, more and more content should be placed on your page, to draw in more followers and keep the existing ones active.

Enlarging Fan Base

Massing up your audience is not an easy task, yet it’s necessary for the growth of your business because more people means more potential customers, content shares, comments, likes, and other activities that increase your organic reach.

Producing sponsored posts is a cost-effective way to get more people following your business on Facebook. To choose the proper target audience, analyze your existing pool and check out the competition to see what’s their target audience. In short, if your business is custom writing of essays and dissertations services that provide the same are your closest competitors, and you’re likely sharing mutual audience type.

Set up your sponsored content according to the obtained data and keep it going as long as you find it financially rational. In time, you’ll receive followers through other channels and have a steady stream of visitors.

Don’t forget to add social media buttons to your website so people could jump to your FB page and start following you. There are multiple plugins that you can install allowing visitors to share your content or start following your Facebook posts for fresh information about your business.

Announce Events

Let’s say you’re planning a wholesale or preparing a webinar for people interested in learning more about your industry. Facebook provides you with enough tools to make your event public and share the news with your followers and other people who might be interested in it.

Creating and announcing an event gives you a chance to gain perspective on how many people are interested in attending. With this information, you can organize and prepare any material you would share with the visitors. Furthermore, the event description area allows you to give people precise information like date, location, and a brief introduction to what the event is all about.

Moreover, since people can share and comment on your event announcement, comments that contain visitors’ experience and satisfaction can greatly improve the interest for future events you put in motion.

Building brand awareness

We already mentioned how engagement influences the improvement of your reach and builds a foundation for a large fan base. However, comments, impressions, shares, and mentions also have a role in building a positive brand image. As people show satisfaction with your business, others will be less reluctant to contact you and start using your services.

Joining Facebook groups that deal with topics that concern your niche can also be a step forward towards building up your reputation. You can meet people interested in what you have to offer, as well as potential partners that you can benefit from.

Moreover, groups allow you to publish your content and advertise your business among people who are truly dedicated to your industry and share common interests with you.

Use Facebook Live for special events

Interaction with the followers is one of the key elements for a successful business endeavor, as people get the feeling you care about them, and it also allows you to get first-hand insight into actual problems your users are dealing with. With Facebook Live you can stream live videos and let the people tune in to check out what you have to share with them. This is a great opportunity to read the comments and answer any questions or show how your product or service solves a problem that might trouble a viewer.


The present and the future of business is online and digital, there’s no escaping that fact. Therefore, if you wish your business to thrive in a market that keeps growing and expanding, it’s important to utilize any tool you could find. Facebook holds a sea of opportunities, as we saw in this article, so don’t hesitate to make use of the solution this social network provides. Let us know in the comments about how Facebook helped your enterprise and share your experience with the rest of our readers!