Refurbishing your home isn’t the easiest task to make. It involves a lot of serious investment both financially and physically. You would need to plan things out carefully, assess if you need to upgrade a couple of things, and let go of old loved stuff. It might be taxing thing to do, but it is rewarding and fulfilling once you see the fruit of your labor come into fruition.

Why Should You Refurbish Before the New Year? 1

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Refurbishing your home can be generally done any time of the year, but it would be nice to consider doing this even before the New Year comes. Below are some reasons why:

  1. It’s a good way to start the year – it is generally believed that staring the year in clean slate is an important thing to do. It gives you a fresh perspective of things and a clearer mindset to get rid of stuff which brings back painful memories from the previous year. It also allows you to regain a sense of control of your life and conditions your mind to maintain an optimistic outlook for the year ahead. More importantly, it symbolizes progression – you are leaving things behind for a promise of another better year. To put it simply, welcoming the New Year with a fresh, new ambiance at home sets the tone throughout the year which in turn give you a head start.
  2. High purchasing power – the last quarter of the year is the period when all the bonuses are released. You have a high purchasing power since the 13th month is coming, other allowances or incentives given by the company are coming. Essentially, there is an influx of money. You have the bandwidth to purchase and choose furniture and other fixtures that you want for your home. Should you wish to make an overhaul of your place, you can do so. All you have to do is a plan and decide the things that you want to be done and the feel you want to have for the year ahead.
  3. Everything is on sale -you might want to consider including in your list the things you want to buy. Malls and other establishments normally offer huge amounts of discounts for just about everything in the latter part of the year. Your dream sofa that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to avail is within your reach as it is in 30 to 50 off. Other household items as well are on sale. There is no perfect time to get this than on the Christmas rush. But if you are working on a tight budget, manufacturers normally hold clearance sales every end of the year. You would normally get great deals from them. Check their websites for the date and other related information.
  4. A chance to sell old furniture – since most have relatively large money and are willing to buy items for themselves, you might want to join in and ride the tide. Your old furniture and other stuff that are decent and can be classified as a collector’s item can be sold at a competitive price. Though not as costly as the new one, but decent enough to give you an extra income before the New Year begins. While it might not seem marketable to some customers, but there are other people working on a relatively tight budget that can be your potential buyer. Just be willing to negotiate things and arrive at a mutually-beneficial arrangement.
  5. It’s a bonding experience – before another year set in and new job tasks or school requirements seeps in, a major house makeover can be the perfect bonding experience for the entire family. It forges cooperation, improved communication, and elicits a sense of collective accomplishment as a family since everyone has a stake in what the outcome can be. Each member can share a piece of his/her mind on what the potential feel of the house for an incoming year can be. In essence, you are turning the makeover task to a family project that everyone will find joy doing. As a result, it makes everyone closer together.

The New Year has always been associated with starting on a clean slate. With something as seemingly simple as giving your furniture a fresh new look, you are sure to welcome the whole New Year with a positive and good outlook.