Landing on your dream job in Makati is indeed an ideal for white-collar employees and professionals. Who would not want to work in the Central Business District in Metro Manila? To where international and known companies are established, to where the business spotlight reigns, to where you can be ahead of the curve and pack. Why not? However, in amidst of the cloud nine feels contemplate the realism of traffic, hassle, and competition.

Let’s take a look for a usual daily routine which circles around home-work-home or home-work-social-home scenario. Call it day for an eight-hour of work, three to four hours of travel journey, and one to two hours of leisure, socials, or fun. Approximately it would cost 15 hours per week or 60 hours in a month for commuters who live in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Pampanga

But hang on, why not relocate instead.

Game plan. Relocating to pursue professions in Makati is not an easy peasy decision. Weighing down the factors to consider is a must, as follows:

  • The point of views of your family, friends, and colleagues are of a big help. Taking notes of their advice that would help in decision making, even the small would count thereafter. Also, the environment and community will be different since it will be a hundred percent city life already. Ready to set?
  • Moving out of your comfort zone then settling down on your own place is hard at it may seem. Your security and safety are at stake if ever. A crib where you can go home late at night or at dawn, if in case needed after the city life party or corporate events. The vicinity and area of your home must be of the same zone to your workplace. Remember, the main reason for relocating is to lessen the amount of time and to be more productive at work. The lesser allotted time for travel, the better. Learn the ropes.
  • Imagine saving that number of hours of travel and having it be converted to some other stuff like rest, and some more space for leisure, socials, and fun. Admit it, the time consumed for commuters is stressing the hell out of you especially in rush hours and rainy season, wherein it doubles or sometimes makes the travel thrice than the usual. Have a no more late record in the office for good. Then, a change of pace to save time is a smart move.
  • Be financially ready. From the time you move-in, the cost would be farther on budget. Food, water, clothes, home decors and materials, groceries, laundry, utilities, maintenance, and the like. Reading and searching online articles can also provide further information about the available properties, tips, and lifestyle nature in Makati. As the years go by, demand and supply simultaneously change. With the digital era, making the impossible possible is a yes-yes situation. A question like am I capable of buying a property or just rent an apartment? Should come into your mind as well
  • No brainer. Is it not just being financially capable but also physically and emotionally being prepared? You will be all on your own. Can you manage the stress of anxiety of being away from home? Go home late? No problem because you got no one to deal with. All alone with yourself. Free and off guards. But hey, have your limitations guard you. It is way better to be safe than sorry. Ready to be on driver’s seat now?

Aside from these personal and practical things to consider, it also increases job opportunities, career advancement, and promotions more as you permanently reside in Makati. The idea of relocating means the commitment and passion you have for work. To work effectively and efficiently as necessary, that would definitely lead to improving your productivity for the company. You should also note that you stressing about the commute from your province to the city. The familiarity of areas, buildings, and access to the city add knowledge about the place which can be used as a future reference as well.

Overall, it is good to consider relocating to save and improve time management, have a well-balanced work-life, and achieve a successful profession. Manage to weigh down your options, understand the key advantages and disadvantages, and decide if relocating in Makati is the best recourse, and do not hesitate to read property buying guides.