Reminiscing about the future floods our minds with ideas that take away energy and time, but even more importantly, they take away our present. Many people spend their entire lives thinking about the future, some of them exist in the past, but others ultimately choose to live in the present.

Business Growth Hack: Practice Mindfulness for Business Growth Hike 1

It is equally important to learn from the past and to think about the future, but at the same time to be aware of the present. Mindfulness means to be present in many aspects, physically, emotionally and mentally. The combination between the recognition of our own emotions, the ability to rule our mind and the openness of all our senses allow to truly fell the present moment without concerning about yesterday or tomorrow.

Mindfulness opens up a whole other world of possibilities that offer resources and opportunities available right now! While this relates to the overall way of living, it seems that ideas about the future and the past prevail when we are in the workplace. The desire for success brings in a dose of nervousness. Mindfulness is a way to cope with negative feelings and to secure high business success.

Practicing this method brings a variety of benefits that are pleasing to your mind, making you calmer, more focused and peaceful.

1. Mindfulness improves your focus

Focus means dedication, concentration, determination, and solid attention. Living a busy life, however, means a constant burst of obligations.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the capability of multi-tasking. Most people find it hard to focus when a million thoughts go through their heads. Mindfulness meditation is one way to stimulate your mind to a firmer and more stable focus.

Business Growth Hack: Practice Mindfulness for Business Growth Hike 2

According to a study from the Italian neuroscientist Giuseppe Pagnoni people who meditate have greater stability when it comes to the subconscious and spontaneous thoughts. Consequently, awareness of the moment does not allow different thoughts to distract you, it increases your focus and leads you to greater productivity and timely completion of your work responsibilities.

2. Mindfulness Improves Your Creativity Skills

Creating something new, original and valuable to society can be defined as creativity. The only obstacle to creativity is the distraction. For this reason, the connection between mindfulness and creativity lies in the free flow of thought. Many people find it difficult to relax and not to worry about the past or the future.

Awareness of the moment and relaxation will allow your brain to generate new ideas that will trigger your creativity and help you find the inner silence among all the loud thoughts.

3. Mindfulness contributes to effective communicational skills

A good speaker also means a good listener. A person with strong communication abilities knows how to listen to the interlocutor, process the data, remember it and give an answer.

To complete this, you must be completely mentally, emotionally and physically aware of the moment of conversation. Mindful communication means thinking before giving an answer, listening with compassion and awareness.

Business Growth Hack: Practice Mindfulness for Business Growth Hike 3

With that being said, mindful communication improves interpersonal relationships that are an essential part of every working environment.

4. Mindfulness and management skills

Every successful entrepreneur has well-developed communication skills, sharp focus, creativity, and sense of management. As a method that contributes to eliminating distractions, mindfulness is an effective stress reducer that will help you make calm and focused decisions.

One recent study has shown that managers with mindful abilities affect positively on the work environment. In other words, the emotional fatigue among employees is lower and satisfaction is greater.

5. It will change your way of thinking

Mindfulness can change your way of thinking in many ways. A simple 10-minute meditation can reduce anxiety by stopping excessive thoughts and turning your attention to reality and the present moment. Mindfulness can also speed up how fast you process information and sort your feelings. Fast processing of information as well as stress reduction is crucial for proper job performance.


In addition to achieving mindfulness through meditation, a settling and therapeutic sounds can also help. You can use different mindfulness apps like Calm, Smiling Mind or Jinglow, that will help you stay focused while you try to master the method that will bring you a great life balance.