The Philippines has been a popular destination for international tourists lately, as millions of foreigners from all walks of life – students, young professionals, backpackers, business travelers, retired employees, and so on – are spending their holidays and breaks in the Philippines.

They’re discovering the natural beauty of the country and the Filipino culture, and it seems like they’re happy being here in the Philippines. A lot of them come back several times, while others even choose to stay for good.

This trend of foreign tourists coming to the Philippines boosts the country’s tourism industry—with hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other service-oriented companies earning thousands of dollars from foreign visitors.

At the same time, Philippine tourism has become an attractive business option for foreign investments. With the number of travelers to the Philippines increasing every year, the amount of profitable opportunities that await business investors is increasing, too. As a foreign investor, there’s an open and lucrative market for you right here in the Philippines.

Read through the following infographic to get insightful information about the current positive state of Philippine tourism and where it’s headed, as well as how investing in the country’s tourism industry can contribute to your business’s growth.

Philippine Tourism