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Dehydrated Vegetable Products

Because of oversupply, vegetables and fruits in season often wilt and spoil in our markets. The producers are forced to sell cheap and get only a small profit. By processing and preserving abundant, in season fruits and vegetables, people can sell these at much higher prices during the off-season. Preservation makes vegetables and fruits more [&hellip

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How to Make Banana Cake

Banana cakes are baked goods made from mashed banana, flour, sugar, leavening agents, milk, eggs, shortening, and flavoring. Baking banana cakes can be a good source of income. During special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and parties, you could make an additional income if you know how to bake a cake yourself. Banana Cake Recipe Ingredients: [&hellip

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Pineapple Production Guide

The pineapple also known botanically as Ananas comosus plant is a terrestrial herb 2 1/2 to 5 ft (.75-1.5 m) high with a spread of 3 to 4 ft (.9-1.2 m); a very short, stout stem and a rosette of waxy, straplike leaves, long-pointed, 20 to 72 in (50-180cm) 1ong; usually needle tipped and generally [&hellip

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Getting familiar with Yambo, an indigenous fruit delight

In a world that is truly rich and diverse in natural resources, new discoveries and breakthroughs take place anytime and anywhere. Segue to agriculture: man continues to discover various flora and fauna that can be used for food or serve other purposes. Older species are being rediscovered with their potential to feed the ever-growing consumer [&hellip

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Paratungon: An underutilized fruit with great economic potential

People tend to put premium on good looks. However, some of the most hard-featured looking fruits happened to be the most appetizing, if not the tastiest. For fruits, those that look good on the outside are usually given the first bite while those that are not are often overlooked. What’s more an ugly-looking, even utterly [&hellip

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How to Make Jackfruit Candy

Candied fruits are also known as crystallized fruit. They are made by submerging fruit pieces in sugar syrup solutions of gradually increasing strength, then drying. During the soaking, sugar is absorbed by the fruit and moisture is lost from the fruit. They can be kept for several months when stored in a cool dry place, [&hellip

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Fruits and Vegetables (Extend the Shelf-life of Fruits and Vegetables)

How to Extend the Shelf-life of Fruits and Vegetables Procedure: 1. Place moist sawdust in a big basin or pail. Take care to remove sharp or pointed pieces in the sawdust that will hurt the fruits or vegetables as it is in this way that rotting caused by bacterial organisms start. 2. Place the fruits [&hellip

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How to Make Mixed Jackfruit Jam (Jackfruit-Pineapple Marmalade)

Jam is a solid gel made from the pulp of a single fruit or combination of fruits with a fruit content of at least 40% and a total sugar content of not less than 68% to prevent mould growth after opening the jar. In mixed fruit jams the first-named fruit should be at least 50% [&hellip

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Oil Palm Farming

Why Oil Palm is Easy and Profitable to Plant By: Pablito P. Pamplona, PH. D. Recently, many farmers asked me what is the best crop to plant. With my experience as a farmer and agricultural technician and consultant, my first choice is oil palm, and I suggest that small landholders with only 3 to 5 [&hellip

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