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Cacao Production Guide

Philippines can be a potential producer of cocoa. The climatic conditions and soil characteristics are conducive to growing cocoa. There is presently an increasing interest from local farmers because local and international demand for cocoa products is way beyond the production capacity of the country and world prices have been constantly favorable. With a positive [&hellip

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Cacao genes improvement to speed up development of the country’s chocolate industry

Cacao’s genes and physical characteristics are being looked into in a study by applying the latest technology in functional genomics in a bid to improve the country’s cacao industry. Photo by Funded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PCAARRD), the [&hellip

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Banana and cacao complement coconut productivity

Banana and cacao have something in common – they grow best when under shade. Thus, simultaneously growing these crops between coconut trees offer an alternative source of food and income for coconut farmers. In Quezon Province, PCARRD’s Techno Gabay Program supports two concurrent Science and Technology-based Farm (STBF) projects on banana-coconut and cacao-coconut. A group [&hellip

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Propagating cacao by nodal grafting

Cacao is a crop of great commercial value and has a competitive advantage both in the domestic and international markets. Cacao processed beans are used mainly by manufacturers of chocolates, cocoa powder, soaps, cosmetics, shampoo and other pharmaceutical products. Despite the bright future of this crop, the domestic production level of cacao has been decreasing, [&hellip

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