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WHO affirms GM foods passed Codex food safety tests; breeders urged CA to review decision stopping Bt eggplant trial

The World Health Organization (WHO) has affirmed that genetically modified (GM) foods in the market have passed Codex food safety assessments and have not had records of adverse effect on human health. Plant breeding experts at the Philippines’ premiere plant breeding agency, Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), have asserted the global position of highly-respected institutions [&hellip

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Govt warned critical insufficiency in Science enrolment, its adverse effect on research as GM plant field testing are also stopped

CHED appeals for media to give “wider space” for encouraging youth to engage in science and technology courses. Filipino plant scientists appeal for lifting of ban on field testing on GM Bt eggplant as there is a five to 10 years delay in enjoying the benefits of food-safe, environment-safe Bt eggplant release. The government has [&hellip

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Biotechnology law needed to buttress planting of crops as Bt eggplant, gene silenced potato as key to food security, combatting hunger

An academic think tank backs a stronger policy to authorize planting and release of biotechnology crops like the Bt eggplant and “gene-silenced” non-browning potato which will be Philippines’ key to long term food security amid climate threats and burgeoning population. The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) said it [&hellip

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SC allows biotechnology group to intervene in Bt eggplant case; ban threatens other food security crops

The Supreme Court (SC) has allowed a biotechnology group to intervene into the Bt eggplant case even as the Bt eggplant “ban” threatens other genetically modified (GM) crops that contribute to food security. In a resolution, the SC allowed the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP) to be a party to the Bt eggplant case [&hellip

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