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How to Make Tapa (Beef Tapa)

Tapa in Filipino term is a thinly-sliced beef meat cured with salt and spices and dried. The beef tapa can be fried and served together with fried egg and atsara (pickled papaya strips), and this kind of recipe is called Tapsilog. Beef Tapa Meat Material: Beef lean, round/rump, sliced 1/4 inch thick – 1kg Extenders: [&hellip

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Father-Son Tandem Starts “Hog-ging” Processed Meat

Engr. Fortunato H. Lim is starting his processed meat business with his son, Richard. Having a knack for business, he always grabs every business opportunity that comes his way. He got the idea of processed meat production when both father and son attended an Off-Center Course on Meat Processing in Cebu. A group of businessmen organized the course with ATI-International Training [&hellip

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