Conventions and trade shows are a great way to get the word out about your products and services. However, with all the creative exhibits out there how do you come up with the best ideas for trade show booths? We’ve compiled a list of ten terrific (if we do say so ourselves) concepts to bring more traffic to your exhibit booth at your next convention or trade show.

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Ideas for Trade Show Booths

1. Use a Prize Wheel — Ideas for trade show booths usually include a mention of the popular prize wheel. One of the advantages is that you decide which prizes are offered so this is a great idea for almost any budget amount. You can choose to offer just a few small prizes or many items of various values to attract traffic to your booth.

2. Add Aromas and Edible Items — Some of the most creative exhibits involve great smells or tastes. Fresh coffee drinks, cookies that are freshly baked, popcorn, and other treats will be very enticing to visitors, and the smell alone will cause crowds to form at your display.

3. Use a Fishbowl for Business Cards — One of the effective ideas for trade show booths is to use a fishbowl or other unusual container for people to drop their business cards in. This ensures that you gather contact and lead information even if you do not get a chance to speak with the visitor personally.

4. Include Interactive Games — Creative exhibits and innovative ideas for trade show booths can include interactive games that are fun and engaging. Few people can resist the opportunity to play a game, and when you engage consumers you make a more favorable impression on them. Adding a few old school gaming consoles if possible is also a great way to get traffic to your area.

5. Hold a Product Demonstration — Demonstrations can be terrific ideas for trade show booths. This will help you show visitors exactly what your products can accomplish or what your company can do for them. Hands on experience with your items will make them stand out.

6. Use Social Media to Your Advantage — Some of the most creative exhibits will involve social media efforts and contests. Have visitors Tweet about your exhibit, or post a comment and like your Facebook page in order to be entered into a drawing for a prize. Social media multiplies your marketing opportunities and increases your brand exposure.

7. Give Away Just 1 Prize But Make It a Good One — One of the best ideas for trade show booths can be giving away just one single prize but making this prize a really good one. Instead of spending $1,000 on many smaller prizes why not use the same amount for one much better item instead so that everyone who attends will want to enter.

8. Add the Latest Technology in Your Area — Ideas for trade show booths and creative exhibits should involve the latest and greatest technology in the industry, whatever that may be. The technology alone may drive traffic to your booth.

9. Place Your Logo Everywhere Possible — Effective ideas for trade show booths should always keep branding in mind. Try to place your logo and company name in as many places as possible so that it is highly visible. This lets visitors know who you are and how to recognize your brand.

10. Give Away Free Swag — One of the most popular ideas for trade show booths is to give away free swag. This may be just as effective as highly creative exhibits, because everyone wants something for free. You can even have more than one type of swag bag according to the value of the visitor, with higher value visitors getting more valuable items.

These ideas for trade show booths will make you the star of the show. What other ideas for trade show booths can you share?

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Author Bio: Elizabeth Crane is originally from St. Louis and a die-hard Cardinals baseball fan. She has lived in Las Vegas for over 15 years and loves to share her knowledge about conventions and trade shows. Her articles are frequently published on the Design Factory blog.