Making money online is extremely easy (if you know how) there are so many avenues online that are exploitable if you have the knowhow and are willing to take a little risk now and then. We live in the internet age after all and it just seems logical that the internet is used for money making purposes on a global scale if possible.

There has been a distinct rise in social media and auction sites in recent years and both of these are free to use and you can make a lot of money by taking advantage of them. Spend some time researching (online is the best way) and you will soon realize how many possibilities there are online nowadays.

The great thing about the internet is the cheapness of entry, cost to enter the market online is negligible and that really is brilliant for any business looking to start out.


There is so much potential to make money online if you have a strong website. We live in a world that is dominated by the internet and thus for any company looking to progress forward a strong and functional website is essential. The world we live in is incredible in that it rewards innovation about anything else.

If you have a company online that is unique and provides a relevant service, the potential to make a money is so much higher than if you were to open a physical store. That is simply because of the reach of the internet. You can reach thousands and thousands of people with just a few clicks and posts.

It is frightening to think that the internet didnā€™t really exist 20 years ago and now it is perhaps the greatest way to make a lot of money both by opening a company or investing in another company.

Additional resource is Airtasker. It is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work. From simple to complicated tasks, Airtasker can help you complete your home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design or even build a website.

Social Media

The rise in social media in recent years has been pretty incredible. There are so many different websites out there that offer social media in some form but Twitter and Facebook are the overarching industry leaders. Almost everyone you ask will have a Facebook account and that is just incredible to think, its reach is just frightening and it still is expanding, there are new users each and every day.

The reach of social media for any business cannot be underestimated, you can send a status update to thousands of viewing fans within 5 seconds. That is the primary appeal of social media for advertising and the prominence is only going increase as the years go on.

What the Experts Say

If you were to ask an industry expert such as Brett Lankaster about money making, he will almost certainly suggest investment. I also believe investment to be the best way to ensure long term prosperity, you can invest in all sorts of things, businesses, currency, property and that is just to name a few.

You should make sure research is properly undertook and that you have as strong grasp of the market you are planning on entering but again the internet is a brilliant place to begin your study.


Martin Grennan is a writer with a love for the internet. He has kept up to date with all the developments in recent years and he beleives the potential of the internet is only not starting to be reached.