If you want to grow your business, increase your sales and attract more customers, follow these tips/ ways to boost your sales.

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1. Send thank you cards to regular customers.
2. Send “we miss you” cards to former regular customers.
3. Set up a small kid-friendly area with toys, crafts, books, etc. to give your younger customers something to do while waiting. Use empty spaces, such as unused rooms, as playrooms and toys that relate to your business so kids can “pretend” to be like you.
4. Never just point when asked for directions to the restroom – walk with the guest to give him or her personal attention.
5. Call customers to find how they like their purchased product or service. Collect phone numbers on comment cards, checks, loyalty program sign-up cards or other means.
6. Offer business clients access to a phone and/or Internet connection, if available, while waiting.
7. Photograph your regulars and post pictures on a special appreciation board.
8. Start a newsletter – an excellent and inexpensive way to advertise inside your business.
9. Print business cards for your employees – a great morale booster.
10. Start a frequent customer discount club.
11. Make sure all employees offer a friendly hello, good evening or goodbye to every guest.
12. Offer customers a free car wash or other ‘perk’ one day a week. Use cross merchandising or business-to-business ‘barter’ programs to obtain “perks.”
13. Start a program to reward employees for remembering the names of returning guests.
14. Ask customers to submit their reminiscences about your business and award a prize for the best one.
15. Keep track of the favorite products of your customers.
16. Offer coffee, tea or other beverages to customers.
17. Give customers a free “perk” for referring other customers.
18. Feed the parking meter for customers so they can stay longer.
19. Give rain checks to people who can’t wait when you are running behind schedule.
20. Give out refrigerator magnets, calendars,etc. with your logo and phone number for easy call ahead appointments.
21. Pay for your employees to visit competitors and report their findings.
22. Hold focus groups with regular guests to generate ideas.
23. Train your staff to up sell premium services, products, etc.

Source: The Home Depot Business Toolbox