A Japanese expert on shrimps from the Southeast Asia Fisheries and Development Center SEAFDEC) in Iloilo has conducted this experiment so as to prolong the life of shrimps even when packed for transporting. Results showed that 93% of the shrimps were still alive and could swim when placed in water.

shrimps photo

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How to Prolong the Shelf-life of Shrimp

1. Dry sawdust (from white lauan) under the sun for 1 day.
2. Place in plastic bags and cool in a refrigerator until a temperature of 15 C is obtained.
3. Place the shrimps in a basin of sea water, slowly add ice until it reaches a temperature of 18 C.
4. Remove the shrimps from the water, transfer into the sawdust inside the plastic bags and arrange in a container lined with styrofoam.
5. Place about 300 grams of cracked ice into the plastic bags; seal and place on top of the sawdust.
6. Close the container tightly with a masking tape.
7. On the following day, wash the shrimps with iced seawater.

Source: Phil. Farmers’ Journal March 1980