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Prolonging the Shelf-Life of Shrimp

A Japanese expert on shrimps from the Southeast Asia Fisheries and Development Center SEAFDEC) in Iloilo has conducted this experiment so as to prolong the life of shrimps even when packed for transporting. Results showed that 93% of the shrimps were still alive and could swim when placed in water. How to Prolong the Shelf-life [&hellip

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Extend the Shelf-life of Tomatoes

Extend the Shelf-life of Tomatoes Research at the UPLB has shown that the ripening of tomatoes can be hastened or delayed: 1. Ripening can be hastened if the tomatoes are kept in DRY HULL ASH. This increases the ethylene gas which hastens ripening. 2. If this is placed in a cool place, it will have [&hellip

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