What do you need to do to succeed in business in the long run? You need to create a continuous learning culture and ensure that everyone in your team keeps developing their skills. If you choose the right approach to digital learning, your company will gain an advantage and get ahead of the competition.

Here is a list of the top tools and apps you may use to enhance the learning process and motivate your team.

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ProProfs is an all-in-one solution for continuous learning. You can use it for the following purposes:

? Create a quiz to assess the current level of knowledge of your employees

? Leverage gamification to engage your team in the learning process

? Create a knowledge base – share manuals, presentations, guides, and other useful documents

? Build a Q&A forum and grow the learning community

Sony, Dell, DHL, Yale, and other well-known brands use ProProfs to train their employees. We highly suggest you learn more about the features of this tool and leverage it in your practice.


Bit.ai is one of the most effective document collaboration platforms. You can use it to create a knowledge base and make it accessible for employees who work in the office and remotely. Bit.ai allows creating fast dynamic notes, upload documents, add projects, design training guides, and many more.

Bit.ai is a popular platform among marketers, professional college essay writers, UX researchers, and experts in other fields who are involved in research and academic work. If you want to organize learning materials and ensure that your employees have quick access to all necessary files, you can look no further than this digital tool.

Haiku Deck

Whatever niche you work in, you will likely need to create presentations. Haiku Deck is that magic wand that will ease your work and help you design a winning presentation in a few clicks. It’s available on iPads, iPhones, and the web.

How does this presentation maker differ from other apps? It offers millions of presentation templates and 40+ million free creative commons images. It provides all tools necessary to create highly effective, visually appealing presentations for employee training.


TED Talks offers free educational content you can use to educate, train, and motivate your employees. If you don’t have time and money to design training plans from scratch, you can encourage your employees to upload a TED Talks app and watch relevant videos and listen to podcasts.

TED app provides access to content on nearly any topic, from marketing and psychology to science and technology. Your task is to choose videos and podcasts that match your learning objectives and share them with your team.


How can you know what your employees should learn next? You need to conduct an online survey to understand what your team already knows on the topic and define the knowledge gap.

FreeOnlineSurveys is that very tool that you need to use for this purpose. Powered by AI, it makes survey design a breeze. This tool comes with such features as survey tracking, page logic, text piping, response notification, and A/B testing.


Fliplet is a mobile app that your employees and external partners can use to learn on the go. This app provides access to online courses, videos, podcasts, and classroom-based lessons. Using this app, users can find the content that colleagues have recommended and participate in live events.

The app allows you to track usage and log completion. So you can monitor your employees’ learning activity and adjust learning plans and objectives.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Blackboard is the third most popular LMS among educational institutions and businesses. It’s widely used by everyone from the best dissertation service and writing companies to world-famous fashion brands and tech corporations.

If you already have a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate license, make sure to get the most out of it. Ask your employees to download Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, so they can join web conferencing sessions and chats, view presentations, and answer multiple-choice questions.


If you are more into interactive and collaborative learning, consider using Lucidspark, a digital whiteboard. With the help of this tool, you will be able to explain sophisticated topics to your team, brainstorm ideas, and visualize complex concepts. You will interact with your team in real-time mode and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Uqualio is an advanced video learning tool. You can use it to create a library of modern, customizable, and digitized video eLearning courses and level up your employees’ skills.

Uqualio allows you to add your branding and choose the language of the course. This tool can be integrated with the apps and services you need.

Wrapping up

New digital learning technologies emerge every day. So keep watching the updates and choose the most advanced tools to train your employees and grow your business. Provide your team with quality educational content, and you will leave the competition behind.



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