5 Advantages of using scanners in healthcare facilities 

going paperless

Makati City, Philippines Dec 29 —,2020— Managing health information has always been a challenge for any healthcare provider due to the uncontrollable growth of data. Since most healthcare facilities remain paper-intensive and minimally automated and digitized, processing and managing hundreds of documents can be time-consuming and extremely costly. Keeping track of vital patient records are also labor-intensive. 

For better management of vital health information, clinics and hospitals look to start digitizing and utilize electronic medical record systems, which involves scanning of thousands of documents and images to store in digital storages. According to Fujitsu, a global leader in the image scanning market, going paperless by scanning important medical records provides several benefits, as listed below:  

Boosts Security 

Sensitive medical and personal patient information, such as medical history, past ailments, consent forms, insurance information, and contact details can be digitized for enhanced security and easy accessibility. 

Easy Backup and Recovery 

Digitizing medical records makes it easier to create digital backup copies for the healthcare industry. Since the country is prone to natural disasters, physical copies can be potentially destroyed but digitization enables healthcare providers to simply access the backup files stored in remote servers.  

Streamline Processes 

Digitizing documents and connecting them with enterprise solutions lead to faster retrieval of information by employees across departments from anywhere at any time. It will also provide faster claim reimbursement processes for patients since it no longer needs manual encoding because digital copies are submitted into a system electronically. 

Improved Time Management and Efficiency 

Obtaining files that healthcare providers need can be time-consuming, wasting valuable time. So, having the files scanned and digitized will help them streamline the process of looking through piles of medical records, helping them to save time and focus more on providing better healthcare services. 

Save Valuable Space and Money for Other Purposes 

Digitizing archives and vital information can save space and money that were formerly used for rooms, filing cabinets to store paperwork, and manpower required to file documents. Hospitals and other medical facilities can finally use space for more important facilities and the manpower needed to manage the files can work on other crucial work. 

The facilities can also use the money spent on paper, storage, and manpower to other useful investments, such as procurement of key medical equipment or hiring more medical professionals to better serve patients. 

Image Scanners for Healthcare Providers 

When looking for the best scanning device, healthcare providers must consider the features, suited to their specific needs. For instance, Fujitsu Image Scanners are packed with innovative features that can help healthcare providers improve efficiency and productivity. 

Fujitsu Image Scanner fi and SP Series deliver speed, image quality, and excellent paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging applications, perfect for every medical professional’s everyday filing needs in the industry. 

Fujitsu fi Series can improve productivity in the healthcare industry with various range of scanners, from compact front desk scanners to heavy-duty production scanners. 

The nurse’s station, for instance, will have better efficiency with the help of the fi-800R, one of the smallest scanner in its class that can scan 40 pages per minute scanner and applicable for limited spaces. The scanning of documents into digital records using fi-800R can help nurses have easy references about in and out information of each patient  

For high-volume scanning of medical documents, the fi Series offers a wide range of models depending on the requirements. For instance, Fujitsu’s fi-7140, fi-7160, fi-7180 are durable, heavy-duty scanners ideal for department use. The fi-7600 is also one of the reliable models that can handle 100 pages per minute and can do 44,000 sheets a day suitable in addressing voluminous records scanning.  

Meanwhile, the SP Series are cost-effective scanners that provides high-quality productivity and efficiency in scanning. It also has a compact design that makes it perfect for places with limited spaces like desks and reception areas while still delivering high-quality performance. It has an easy-to-use imaging functions that allow users to work faster and more efficiently. 

Fujitsu SP and fi Series also feature PaperStream IP scanner driver that integrates cutting edge image processing technologies. PaperStream Capture software comes as standard on the fi Series and it provides more advanced image processing functions. 

The Fujitsu fi and SP Series Image Scanners are among the products offered by Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. With 45 years of local presence and expertise, the company has made Japanese IT design and technology available through its server, storage, and scanning hardware and solutions. The company also offers cloud technology that provides relevant and cost-efficient IT solutions to all organizations of various sizes and needs. 

To know more about Fujitsu Philippines Inc., visit the website at www.fujitsu.com/ph/scanners