5 ways digital transformation helps companies better respond to changes 

Makati, Philippines—February 16, 2021—Amid the new normal, digital transformation initiatives helped companies and their employees improve work efficiency during work-from-home protocols. It helped them bring flexibility, efficiency, improvements in employee motivation, and a robust competitive edge. 

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For Fujitsu Philippines Inc., one of the country’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) system integrators, digital transformation is one of the best ways to keep your business moving forward, evolve, and garner more opportunities. To start transforming your business, it will need to begin digitalizing manual processes to reap its benefits. The company shared five ways digitalization improves flexibility in the workplace. 

No to Silo Mentality 

Before the “new normal,” information was difficult to access, and requesting specific information took too much time and effort. Digitalization of business operations can help companies distribute vital data faster and efficiently between different departments.  

Digitalization enhances employees’ collaboration from different branches, making their actions cross-departmental, cross-functional, and cross-project. It helps in improving work efficiency, employee productivity, company collaboration, and communication. 

Lightening the Load 

Cloud services and digital archiving will help reduce costs associated with storing physical documents such as purchasing paper, folders, filing cabinets or manual labor incurred for filing and retrieval of documents. It lets you use the costs meant for physical documents on other capital and strategic investments, allowing your company to find more digital innovations faster and choose the right solutions its operations. 

Virtualized Processes 

One significant benefit of digitalization is that every process’s data can be virtualized for employees to have visual copies. This makes digitized documents more available and evaluable through applications like the cloud. The automation helps reduce process time from the days down to a matter of hours, creating a dynamic workflow that is less disruptive and less tedious. 

Liberate Yourself  

Digitizing businesses can increase employees’ efficiency and flexibility to work since data is stored in digital archives. One method to archive data is through cloud storage, which stores information remotely and can be accessed using the internet. Businesses using cloud storage can enjoy benefits like improved data security, scalability, and accessibility. 

See Data as Vital Resources 

Today, people live in the digital era, where data can be found almost anywhere. Similarly, businesses need to find new ways to automate a massive influx of data through solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning. These solutions can help organizations seamlessly link and put meaning in the data they receive which helps them connect better.  

All these actions will help you digitally transform easier and more efficiently, giving your employees great flexibility for their work. However, to start this process, digitizing vital information is the first step to making your business’s digital transformation into reality and that entails creating a paperless organization. 

Digitization increases the information’s value across all parts of a company and improves business processes. Since obsolete, manual, and inefficient paper-based processes are holding organizations back from progress, the best way to start digitizing is to equip your company with image scanners to efficiently convert your documents into digital data. 

Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art document scanning solutions create a paperless organization to accelerate digital transformation efforts. From mobile-scanning and one-touch document imaging to production-level leading-edge imaging technologies, Fujitsu’s scanners are built to fit organizations’ unique needs. 

Each Fujitsu Document Scanner is equipped with advanced functions. Fujitsu ScanSnap, for instance, sorts all of your information, whether at the office or home in anyway you desire with just one touch. It enables you to find documents you need to build relationships through business cards, manage expenses with receipts, and share photos with your friends and family. 

Fujitsu fi Series is another state-of-the-art scanner series that provides superior image quality deliver speed, and great paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging applications. It also has multiple models suitable for different needs like workgroup, departmental, production, or network scanner categories. 

Meanwhile, the SP Series are cost-effective scanners that provides high-quality productivity and efficiency in scanning. It also has a compact design that makes it perfect for places with limited spaces like desks and reception areas while still delivering high-quality performance. It has an easy-to-use imaging functions that allow users to work faster and more efficiently 

With 45 years of local presence and expertise, Fujitsu continues to innovate its products with continuous research and development to meet the market’s changing demands. Their ever-changing products continue to prove reliable and durable with powerful bundled applications and strong feeding capabilities to handle various types of documents. 

Fujitsu Philippines has made Japanese IT design and technology available through its server, storage, and scanning hardware and solutions. The company also offers cloud technology that provides relevant and cost-effective IT solutions to all organizations of various sizes and needs. 

To know more about Fujitsu Philippines Inc., visit the website at http://www.fujitsu.com/ph