Even though many companies were tentative about the success of remote working strategy due to the coronavirus pandemic, several are now reporting that the move has paid off. Some leading companies have decided that even after the epidemic is over, they would continue to encourage employees to work from home. Take a look at what some leading companies have announced:

Facebook – Half of Its Workforce to Work from Home

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of the social media giant, Facebook has gone on record saying that around half of his total employee strength could be working from home within the next 5-10 years. Zuckerberg opined that restricting employment to only people living in a handful of large cities or those who are ready and able to move to these locations, eliminates many people who have different outlooks, reside in different communities, and possess different educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds. According to Marcus Debaise, this could represent a very good opportunity for building a workforce with greater diversity.

Twitter – Permits Remote Working Permanently

Even though the popular micro-blogging site did not specify the roles they were considering for remote working, Twitter has announced that it is ready to permit some workers to work from home permanently. According to https://edition.cnn.com, Jennifer Christie, the company’s vice president in charge of HR, said that if employees who were in roles that made working from home possible, they could do so permanently if they wanted, else they could report back to their office when they reopened.

Square – Giving Employees an Enabling Environment, says Marcus Debaise

Square has announced that it planned to allow employees to operate from their homes even after the pandemic eases and normalcy returns. This move is aimed at enabling staff to work in an environment that they are more comfortable. A company spokesperson announced that Square workers could work remotely from their homes permanently ever after the company reopened its offices. The company has learned substantially regarding what it takes for workers to perform effectively outside the office and said that this learning process would continue.

Groupe PSA – Remote Working Experience Positive

PSA, the French auto company that manufactures brands like Peugeot, Citroën, Vauxhall, and Opel announced that they had stepped into a “new era of agility,” by allowing its entire staff in non-manufacturing roles to work from home. The company said that they have had a positive experience of their steps taken to counter the impact of the coronavirus and decided to further support remote working and make it the standard for non-production-related activities. Office redesign is being planned to facilitate in-person meetings; however, it will reduce its demand for commercial real estate. The company said that it will also focus on improving the work-life balance of its employees and making their commutes easier.


Many leading companies have reported that the results of being forced to undertake remote working policies have been pleasantly surprising for them. With coronavirus restriction on physical movement and proximity expected to remain even after the crisis has passed, many companies are considering making remote working the new normal.

Author Bio-
Marcus Joseph DeBaise is an Ellington, CT based entrepreneur. Currently, he is the Controller of Roberts Chrysler. Never one to believe in the status quo, he’s constantly thinking of new ideas and rehashing old ones.