Many businesses worldwide were struck by the pandemic and suffered as their sales dropped, and other companies closed down. Several countries implemented lockdown measures to control the disease’s spread, which kept the employees from going to work and people from purchasing items, and businesses closing down to cut costs. As a result, the world is now suffering a recession that worse than the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Even if the world is undergoing a crisis, businesses can still market their services and stay connected with their clients. Companies need only to adopt new marketing strategies to remain competitive in their industry. Using modern marketing strategies is also useful after the pandemic once businesses start to reopen.

Because the World Health Organization said that the strongest defense to keep COVID-19 from spreading is to stay at home, most consumers will be stuck in their homes browsing the internet or watching TV. Various companies can take this into account when formulating new marketing strategies.

Companies can increase their presence on various media platforms, re-examine their brand messaging, improve their image, and others as part of their new strategies. The average consumer is stuck in their home, spending about 12 hours a day on various media platforms, from TV-linked devices to different streaming services. Businesses must connect with them.

By increasing a company’s media presence, more people will see its services and increase the possibility of people getting their services. Because most people want to stay updated regarding the pandemic, businesses must present themselves as a company that impacts the community in regards to COVID-19. People will likely trust companies that contribute to the community amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses will need to invest in an active digital marketing strategy to ensure they reach many people who are actively browsing the internet. Companies can opt to outsource social media marketing and SEO so they can focus on their core processes while improving their online presence. Because more people are now active on social media, businesses can reach more of their targeted consumers without diverting time and resources by outsourcing the social media project.

Marketing in the age of pandemic will focus on digital marketing since many people are stuck indoors and rely on the internet to gather information, get entertained, or shop around. Businesses need to take advantage of the increased media consumption to ensure that they can remain competitive in the industry. For more information, see this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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