Should you use website builders in 2020? Well, of course, you should! Creating a website has never been easier thanks to the practical and convenient builder tools available.

The better question would be what website builder to choose for your particular needs. Check out the following best-rated website builders in 2020 and start making a mark online.

1. Wix

The top choice of 2020 best website builders is definitely Wix. It’s a rather nifty and user-friendly tool that allows you to simplify your website building process thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop editing. You can also try it for free before deciding to go with one of the available premium plans.

Keep in mind though that once you choose a template for your site (among 500+ of them), you can’t change it back in the live mode.

2. Squarespace

If your job exercises your creativity to the fullest or you want to use top-notch graphics for your business website, Squarespace is the best website builder in 2020 to go with. As expected, Squarespace comes with the most amazing and sophisticated template designs to choose from.

It may not be the simplest one to use, but this is precisely why it’s ideal for creatives. You may check this Squarespace review for more detailed features and insights.

3. Weebly

If you’re looking to create a portfolio or set up a website for your small business, you can’t go wrong with Weebly. As one of the simplest and most affordable website builders on the market today, it’s a favourite among many people who are not looking for too many design and customizability options.

Thanks to its scalability and large app store, Weebly is a great choice for e-commerce businesses and blogs.

4. SITE123

Another great beginner-friendly website builder with a simple and intuitive interface is SITE123. It’s a go-to for creating basic websites with excellent live chat support.

It’s true that this particular website builder lacks creative control and scalability, but it’s perfect for providing the best customer support.

5. Strikingly

If your goal is to get the best value for your money when website builders in 2020 are concerned, make sure to give Strikingly a try. And in case you want to create a one-page website, Strikingly would be a perfect choice.

It’s very user-friendly and intuitive, with plenty of blogging tools.

6. Duda

Those of you in search of simplicity and elegance are bound to enjoy what Duda has to offer. The creativity and design control you get with Duda will let you create a unique and stylish website. Drag-and-drop functionality makes the editing rather intuitive, too.

That said, Duda is ideal for web designers who constantly have to create a number of different websites. This may be the most expensive website builder on this list but it still comes with a 14-day free trial to help you make your decision.

7. GoDaddy

One of GoDaddy’s strongest points is its speed. With this particular website builder, you can create and publish a website extremely quickly. The builder is very user-friendly with a variety of different templates that you can switch up whenever you want.

It’s a simple yet rather effective solution for amateurs and creatives alike.


People looking to start their own blog shouldn’t even question the power of Not only is this particular website great for publishing your content, but it also allows a rather generous creative freedom and customizability.

It also comes with a range of different features and apps to elevate the look and functionality of your site and blog.

9. Jimdo

Jimdo is the best choice for creating simple websites. There may not be anything flashy involved, but Jimdo makes it very easy to add and organize different elements on your page. You can choose between two different editors – Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator – and try them both with their free plans.

Jimdo Creator may be the better choice if you want the typical website builder style, similar to what other website builders such as Wix and Squarespace have to offer.

10. 1&1 IONOS

Another website builder that will help you create a simple and basic business website is 1&1 IONOS. It’s true that this website builder won’t let you unleash your creativity as it lacks the design freedom and flexibility in customization, but if your goal is to set up a functional corporate website, this might not be an issue at all.

What’s more, 1&1 IONOS is a rather budget-friendly option for those looking to save and still get a nice online presentation of their business. It’s a favourite for businesses that need multilingual options for their pages.

It’s only natural that you should make the most out of available tools and digital technology in 2020, website builders included. This is not a question of should or shouldn’t as the only thing you should be wondering about is which website builder best meets your needs.

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