Members of the Facebook community are now taking advantage of being able to stage events in growing numbers. An event can be a webinar, teleseminar, or a recording of a presentation or seminar. Events can be powerful tools to reach large numbers of Facebook participants with useful information or entertainment. In order to make an event as successful as possible, key steps must be followed. This article will outline those steps.

To set up an event, simply enter your Facebook profile area and click on the tab in the left hand navigation area. Next, Go ahead and click the tab that reads, “create an event,” and you are ready to go!

You will have the opportunity to name your event. The naming of your event is of crucial importance. Give it some serious thought, Once you name your event it CANNOT be changed! The name of your event should correlate to your area of interest or expertise as expressed in your profile. You want people to link you with a particular expertise, as it builds your credibility. Selecting a humorous title can be effective. People are more drawn to events that sound like fun!

It is a good idea, most of the time, to open up your Facebook event to the entire Facebook community. Limiting attendance to just your friends may not give you enough exposure. Go ahead and list your host’s name, and the type of event being planned. Next, you will write a brief description of the event. The description must outline the purpose of the event, the importance of the event, and the basic content that will be provided. Much like the name of your event, creating humor within your description can be effective.

Make sure you give careful thought for how long you want your event to be. It should be long enough to cover the content, but not so long that it bores people. Remember, you want people to return for your next event! If your event is going to be a webinar, write in “webinar” where “location” is listed on the event listing page.

With a Facebook event, it is important that you give your participants plenty of lead time. The “rule of thumb” is about one week. The Facebook system will give participants the opportunity to confirm attendance. It is important that you remind participants at least 3 times about the event. make sure that one of the reminders is on the day of the event.

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