If you have grown your business from an idea to a corporation, this is not a reason to stop. The question of how to promote your business, both online and offline, always remains relevant, regardless of the size of the company and its level of profit. Is business marketing different for small, medium, and large companies? Yes and no at the same time. Basically, all marketing tips come down to almost the same tools. The only question is what budget you can afford to spend.

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In this article, we tried to maintain a balance, so we put together five business tips that will help you keep your big business at the same high level, without any mega costs.

Create a Far-Reaching Content Strategy

Of course, this is almost the first thing that any business needs to do, regardless of the size and scope of activity. Modern users are waiting for branded content. They are waiting for useful and personalized content as well. And of course, they love branded videos.

What does all this mean to you? This means that you, as a big business, can continue to build loyal relationships with your users through carefully thought out content strategies.

Of course, a clear algorithm of actions will depend on your goals, your field of activity, and the expectations of your customers. However, there are a few universal rules.

  • Your content should be of the best quality possible – this item does not even need further explanation.
  • Your content should be published on an ongoing basis. This is correct both in terms of search engine optimization and in terms of building relationships with your new and regular customers. They should be used to getting cool insights from you on an ongoing basis. If you do not have in house content creators, feel free to find them on the Best Writers Online writing service reviews platform.

Stay in Touch With Your Competitors

Did you expect to read the advice to stay in touch with your customers, right? No, we said exactly what we wanted to say – you should stay in touch with competitors. You, as the owner of big business, most likely already know all about them and even more. However, the larger the business, the more serious rivals you have to compete with. That is why it is very important to constantly keep abreast and watch what your competitors are doing.

No, we do not urge to spy, but it will be useful to pay attention to their strategy, to their publication on social networks and blogs, to the reviews that their customers leave, to their manner of doing business in general. The thing is that just one insight peered from competitors can give you a dozen insights for the development of your business. And you can do it better than them.

For example, if you see that your competitors have started using the recommendation engine on their website, then do not doubt that they will benefit from it. This is a must-have tool for personalizing the experience and improving sales. So, watch the innovations of competitors and think about how you can improve their ideas.

Build Your Social Media Presence

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The social presence of a business is already taken for granted. And we will tell you even more – this tool is suitable even for ossified corporations with a complex bureaucratic structure. Moreover, social interaction is what users really expect from a business, regardless of its size.

Here, as in the case of the content strategy, it is almost impossible to give universal advice. Too much will depend on your goals, target audience, the social platform which you choose to be key for yourself and the business strategy as a whole. However, practice shows that several approaches in social networks work equally successfully for many types of businesses.

  • Firstly, this is visual marketing on Instagram, plus the capabilities of Stories and IGTV. And by the way, this is a great platform for implementing video marketing strategies as well.
  • Secondly, users are well involved with the help of contests, competitions, challenges, and marathons.
  • For retail, it is imperative to use shoppable images on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Linkedin is a good platform for finding potential partners and building the company’s business reputation.

What is more, the main social platforms offer very flexible and beneficial features for setting advertising campaigns and targeting them to different segments of users.

Organize or Participate in a Local Event

Of course, the pandemic has changed the approach to organizing events. Most likely, the number of business events, exhibitions, conferences, and other events will significantly decrease, but! This means that you need to approach the organization or participation in a business event with even greater care. If earlier we could move around and communicate more freely, and without fear for our health, now it is time to change our vision a little.

Post-pandemic business events will be organized only if they promise the highest possible efficiency with minimal risk to people. What does it mean? It means that

  • firstly, it is necessary to prepare for the event even more carefully, as this will not be a frequent practice
  • secondly, it can be expected to meet with the most promising people, both customers, and partners who are really interested in meeting.

Local business events are another way to establish the necessary contacts, but remember that they are unlikely to occur as often as before.

Partner with an Influencer or Make a Famous Person Your Ambassador
The influence of influencer marketing only increases year after year. The reason for this phenomenon is simple – people trust people, people want to buy from people and work with people. Anonymized corporations that live in their own world are no longer interesting to anyone – in this case, users are more likely to make a purchase from a small local business. And influencer marketing is a good way to humanize your business, as well as build a strong association between a specific person and your brand.

Here you can choose from two strategies.

  1. If you are big business, but work locally, for example, you have a network of restaurants or hotels but only in one city, it makes sense to become a partner with a local influencer. That is, with a person who lives in your city, who is known to a large number of people and with whom you can easily make contact.
  2. If you are big business, and hypothetically, you can target huge target audiences online, then here, of course, you need a slightly different influencer than in the first case. It is very important to pay attention to the values ??of the influencer, the values ??of his audience, and the coincidence of their values ??with yours. For example, if you created a cool fitness app, and your potential influencer supports a healthy lifestyle, or vegetarianism, or something like that, then this may be a good match of values.


As you can see, big and small businesses use the same tools for marketing promotion, but different strategies. In this article, we have listed universal marketing steps that will work equally well, of course, subject to a competent strategy. This is what is trending today and what will resonate with the majority of the target audience, so start implementing these marketing ideas today.


Mary Byrd  is a freelance writer with a combination of analytical mind and creativity. Marie is currently working in the company Best Writers Online and does everything to climb the career ladder of the blog. Marie is one of the best specialists in her field, who is always looking for new ways to create interesting content.