Your newborn baby is adorable and growing fast. And you want to capture that cuteness forever in a professional portrait. One important decision for your photography session is how to pose the baby. It’s good to have an idea of what you like before the session so you aren’t struggling to make a decision during it. It’s important that pose be safe for the newborn. The pose must also be comfortable so the baby can sleep through the photo session or be happy if awake. Here are some of the beautiful and creative poses that are safe and comfortable for newborn babies.

Hands under Chin

The baby lies on her tummy, with her hands tucked under her chin. This is a good pose to combine with various props for a number of creative effects.

Taco Pose

The baby is curled up on her tummy, with her arms or legs partly tucked under her. This pose is also known as the “womb pose” because it’s similar to the baby’s position in the womb. This comfortable and natural pose shows the soft contours of a newborn’s body. It’s also one of the best poses for getting a good view of the head, hands, and feet all in one photo.

In a Heart

Babies are bundles of love. And the gentle curves of a heart shape make a nice setting for a baby. The curve on one side of the heart cradles the baby’s head and body, while the feet go down to the point. The heart shape can be a basket or a cushion with a heart-shaped dip in it. If you have twins, it’s cute to place each baby in the curve of a larger heart-shaped prop.

In a Bucket

Add a pillow, and a baby can nestle contentedly into a decorative bucket for a beautiful photograph. A bucket looks a little more unusual than many props more commonly associated with babies. The bucket must be kept steady so it doesn’t tip over.

In a Cocoon

The baby is all wrapped up in a blanket, so that only the head pokes out. This looks so snug and cozy. Being wrapped up helps a baby feel secure and stay content, which makes a photo session easier. The bundled-up baby can be placed in a basket, a bucket, or another type of prop.

In the Flowers

Artificial flowers can add some fresh floral beauty to your baby’s portrait. They can be arranged in a neat circle or oval around the baby, or scattered around the baby for a random effect. If the baby is in a basket or a bucket, the flowers can be scattered around the prop. A. baby can also be posed holding a flower.

With the Family

Why not bring parents and siblings into your newborn’s photos? A new baby is exciting for the whole family. A parent or older sibling can pose beside the baby, hold the baby, or just reach a hand or two into the photo. Having a parent or older sibling hold or touch the baby can also help the baby feel safe, relaxed, and contented for an easier photo session.

All of these poses can be used with a variety of blankets, wraps, and props for a unique photograph that captures the cute innocence of a newborn baby. Even at this young age, the baby has a personality that can be brought out by the choice of poses and props. Soft natural light is ideal for photographing the soft and cuddly cuteness of a newborn baby because it does not cause harsh contrast or shadows anywhere in the photo.

To get the best professional portraits of your bundle of joy, you’ll want a photographer who specializes in newborn photography. Such a photographer has the training and experience to pose newborns in safe and comfortable ways that look adorable in photos and to keep the baby content through the session. A newborn photographer also has a supply of props and wraps for photographing newborn babies. Book a session with a top Gold Coast Newborn Photographer to capture treasured memories of your baby’s first weeks.