In today’s busy world, it’s a common practice to skip lunch. When you have a heavy workload, a lunch break just seems like something you can’t afford to take. However, research is showing the growing importance of taking a lunch break to boost creativity and productivity.

When you take the time to get away from your desk, you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to work. Additionally, using your lunch break to catch up with an old friend or family member can make you feel more fulfilled and positive about going back to work.

Now that you know the importance of taking a lunch break, how will you choose to spend yours? Even if all you have is 30 minutes, it’s a great opportunity to do something that will benefit your personal, financial or professional life. For example, working towards a certification can boost your earnings by 25%.

Don’t know where to start? This infographic from Self Lender gives 15 ideas on how to make the most of your work lunch break.

15 Ways to Get Ahead During Your Lunch Break 1