Have you tried reaching out to your existing customers and the potential ones via mobile marketing? Have your email marketing campaigns returned only minimal margin? Then, it is time for you to consider something time-tested methods for the promotion of your brand and services. Studies show that adding promotional products to the digital marketing mix can increase the reach of your brand by almost 44%. Considering the scope of digital marketing campaigns, 44% translates to an impressive number of potential customers in a new market.

How to design your promotional product marketing? 1

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While picking the promotional products, many brands make the mistake of picking stuff that is generic and holds no significance for the user. Over 91% of the US citizens have at least one promotional item in their kitchen or workspace. In most of the cases, these include branded coasters, mugs, and pens. Although these increase tangibility of a brand, they offer no additional impetus for the user to remember these brands. There are a few points you must keep in mind to create the impact you desire –

Always pay attention to your target audience

Demographics are everything for any brand trying to increase tangibility through promotional products. Think about the age, location, purchasing power, and interests of your audience. If you can provide the recipients with products they might actually like, you will gain visibility and the loyalty of the potential consumers.

Take the logistics into account

If you are going to distribute your products, you must determine who will receive them and how. Merely chalking out the potential recipients and their interests will not work in your favor unless you find a way to serve these products to them. Some situations call for sleeker promotional products that the consumer can easily carry with them. For example – a tradeshow might be the best place to give away branded flash drives, notepads, and NYC promotional products with Superior Resource. These trade exhibitions might not be the best occasions to offer pool floats, and branded sweatshirts, even though the demographics beg for them.

Are you thinking about call-to-action?

Every promotional product should bear a CTA. Any brand does not give away products because they have a surplus budget! They do so with an objective. In most cases, it is to increase the brand recall, promote brand websites and sales. What will your promotional product do? Will it improve your brand’s social media engagement or will it drive more customers to your brand stores in the city? Sometimes, including a simple hashtag to the products or a QR code can drive engagement beyond your wildest imagination. The effectiveness will depend upon your audience demographics and user trends.

Take time in planning

What will be the quality of the print? What kind of print do you want? Do you want a full-color logo on the items? These decisions will determine your budget significantly, but making these decisions at the last minute might cost you more. Planning is critical for any promotional campaign. It can determine the level of success for any brand across the country.

Bespoke Promotional products take time to craft and produce en masse. Along with a reliable and experienced company, you will require time and talent to manage the design and production. Smart targeting and CTA will help you increase your reach.