SMS marketing is one of those channels of marketing, which most of the startups genuinely plan to avoid, mostly in the beginning area. They have no clue how it might annoy customers and how much they do not want to risk falling for those stringent rules on the type of marketing in the USA. However, they are actually leaving money on table as SMS message have around 99% of open rate. You might find those rates while dealing with email. This guide is mainly going to introduce you to some marketing tips which every startup owner needs to be aware of while building brand.

SMS Marketing Tips Designed For The Startup Owners In Town 1

Are they aware of the rules?

One of the prime reasons on why multiple companies do not pay any attention to SMS based marketing is because they are quite scared of what it might mean to break the rules. There are some strict rules involved. However, as long as you might adhere to the TCPA rules and regulations, there is no need to worry at all.

  • The primary rule for you to follow is mainly to end messages only to those people who have given you the authorization to do so. In simple words, this is not the right time for you to cold calling.
  • Some of the major places for you to work in the USA have already been hit hard as they did not obey this simple rule. Most of the entrepreneurs have not even survived the first year as they ignored this rule.
  • Just because someone was kind enough to give you their number that does not mean they gave you permission to just text them regarding your company deals and discounts. They might not be interested at all.

Never ever go beyond the 160 characters mark:

Always remember that 160 is a pivotal number in this field of SMS marketing. It can always redefine the SMS language in a quite literal sense. Mobile networks have the right to just break SMS into so many pieces of 160.

  • As you might tell, you should not go beyond this limit or the ad might be sliced right down in the middle.
  • There are even some networks, which will refuse to carry any long text, and slicing during such instances can remain inconsistent.
  • The safe option for you to consider in this regard is not to go beyond the mark of 160 characters, even if you are creating a text to donate or for creating any discounted coupon.

Time is what will determine the success rate you have:

Whenever you are planning for that perfect SMS marketing strategy, you have to think about the timing first. Timing is everything, to be honest. You might always know that practically every message will get opened. What you should not rely on is them waiting for you to answer later when the time comes. Most of the receivers will open their messages within minutes of just arrival.

  • If you ever send them the message at any wrong time, that means you are sending them an offer for discounted deals when they are practically not interested in it.
  • Marketers always have to be quite promising to reach target audience whenever they are making a buying decision of a proper scale. Thy always have to be right within the reach.
  • This is the main reason on why restaurants will always send you offer around two to three times on a daily basis, when people are actually thinking about what to eat at specified time.
  • Being the company owner and the brain behind sending the messages, you have to research well about your target for finding out what they are likely to make out if the marketing decision the most.

More that you have to remember while working on call to action:

Always remember that your Call to Action has to be the mobile number or the web address of your official business source. The CTA has to be a major part of the marketing material, which you are planning to send out. SMS marketing seems to be nothing different. You have some of the far fewer options right at your disposal here. There are no such anchor links and buttons, which you can take proper advantage of. Everything over here is going to rely on the words you are planning to use.

  • Whenever someone plans to join the SMS service, they always want to know about the next step to take in this regard. A generalized line about the product means nothing to them unless they are not being able to send directly to that item on the website.
  • So, it is always important for you to include the URL, which can easily be shortened upon request. It URL is not your cup of tea you can always send something to dedicated line like a number or so. It helps in establishing proper communication to say the least.

There must be someone in your company, which will be able to handle these people specifically. To know more about the companies, log online and things will work out pretty well for you.

Have to advertise the short code:

SMS marketing always has to be integrated with everything else that you are planning on doing. This happens to be a number game and the number of people you are planning to connect to will help in determining your successful rate. The SMS short codes are to be promoted across multiple other marketing channels that you are planning to take advantage of.

It has to be figured out in email campaigns, social media and even on physical marketing materials you are planning to send out. The short code will prove to be a gateway to SMS marketing campaign.

A worthy option for you:

Well, if you can play the channels right, SMS marketing will always be a promising point for the startups business owners who just entered the realm of business. Yes, the section might get a bit scary, but it is all worth it in the end.