It is already a proven fact that every business (both online and offline) should have a blog as an efficient way to discreetly reach customers and potential clients. Blog is an important part of establishing a brand, build reputation, and communicate with your clients. Business owners should remember that nowadays people spend most of their time online for both work and entertainment. In such conditions blogging for e-commerce acquires critical importance and turns into one of the most effective ways to constantly and surely drive free organic traffic to the site. The content of high quality attracts traffic from different sources: social networks, search engines and even from referral links from sided web portals if you shared really valuable info.

7 Ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce blog 1

When starting a business blog, owners expect to become popular on the Internet and dramatically raise conversions and sales. Commonly they publish a couple of posts and quit without reaching the expected results, sharing the thought that blogging just consumes time and effort without any real profit. Such setbacks happen only because of lack of promotional actions that blog needs just as much as an actual product.

It all starts with content. Content is everywhere, so put some effort to make your post awesome. You don’t need to contrive anything completely new; cover the existing topic. Find the existing material and ponder about it a bit. Figure out how to make it awesome, what thoughts should be added and how to present the result. Some great idea struck you? The right time to write a post!

1. Go social

Don’t just publish content on your blog, share it immediately on business or personal pages, or both. Don’t hesitate to set an example and be the first to hit the ‘share’ button under your post.

2. Embed social locker

Stimulate readers to share your content right on the spot, as they are reading. Intrigue the audience and put the most interesting part under a social locker. A person would easily hit the share button if the content is really interesting.

3. Reach out

Social media are helpful, but aren’t perfect. Besides, you need to have quite a lot of followers to really spread the word. And what if for now just a tiny group of people is following you on social network? Take a deep breath and reach out to other bloggers, reporters, other business owners or just figures of influence in your sphere. They might be willing to share your content on their account or mention you in their e-mail list. This is when you will notice that more people are coming to your site!

4. Use link bait

You can do some featuring too! Just mention bloggers, business owners, etc. in your own blog-content. This simple strategy might help you kill two birds. First and the most important benefit: you attract links by mentioning someone important. Besides, such content increases the odds that you content would be also promoted in response. Just be sure that you acknowledged the person you write about, that he or she would be mentioned, before posting an article. It’s just the matter of politeness.

5. Try guest posting

Writing some unique material for different sites or someone else’s blog is also a good way to get more audience and make your brand known. This strategy is really worthy but has a couple of tricks. So, here it goes: make sure that the audience suits you; than create content, relevant to both, main topic of the site and to your business. Don’t try to share ads, just valuable content with a link to your website or blog.

6. Join the debate

Feel free to comment in someone else’s blogs or take part in topical forum threads. Make sure that you are informative though and try not to express too many emotions; be professional. If you did a good job finding the forums, a huge audience of people would find out about your business. They will be extremely loyal to the store, and first of all personally to you.

7. Syndicate your blog

Syndicating is a lot easier than guest posting, since you don’t have to write a completely unique content to publish it in specific websites. Just pick one of your ready-made articles and post it to industry-targeted portals and social group, including a link to your website with more great content. Before submitting a post, make sure to read and follow the rules. If the resource requires unique content, than it is guest posting, no syndicating is possible.

There are many ways to promote your webstore using blogosphere, this post covers just a couple of them. If you can sit and think of it for a minute, you’ll find a lot of your own ways, suitable for the industry. If you are new to creating and promoting content, don’t worry and use the tips. Getting more traffic to your webstore and meeting potential clients is easy on the Internet!

By: Dariya Bogretsova is a devoted marketer whose goal is to make knowledge and modern trends benefit the business. She currently works at Amasty, provider of top-class Magento extensions and service.