Shifting careers may be hard, but it is completely possible and doable. All you have to do is focus and put your mind into it. This will work for anyone; it doesn’t matter whether you come from the business sector or from a manpower services in the Philippines.

shifting careers

However, you really need to consider a lot of things before you make a decision. After all, you wouldn’t want to regret the choice you made. Ask yourself the following questions:

How much do you want to change your career?

It is important that you know why you are considering a career shift in the first place. Is it because you are unsatisfied with the responsibilities you receive at work? Or is it your workplace, itself, that is making you unhappy?

If the answer is your workplace or your employer, then perhaps you aren’t looking for a career change after all; you need to alter these things instead.

What values are important to you?

Once you determine that your work is the one making you discontented, continue on this journey of looking for a new career you can simply enjoy. Find out the values that are important to you, if you aren’t sure where to seek job opportunities. Are you more interested in gaining recognition and moving up the corporate ladder? Or are you into doing good work by helping other people?

Are your current skills transferable?

It’s true that a career shift is often intimidating, particularly if the one you are switching to doesn’t require the current skills that you have. But you can easily amend this by focusing on those ones that you can easily transfer over to your new job. For instance, sales and technical expertise can be useful in a wide array of fields and sectors.

Is it okay for you to start at the bottom again?

Take note that a career change means you need to start at the bottom again. Ultimately, you have no experience in this new field which means you need to prove yourself worthy of a higher position once more.

Keep in mind that this entails salary cuts; therefore you really must think about whether that’s entirely fine with you and your lifestyle.

Will your new career provide you room for growth?

Room for growth is another factor you must consider when shifting your career into a new one. You have to contemplate about the different opportunities you can explore in your new job. You wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck in another unsatisfying position that doesn’t offer you much in the end.

Which companies are you looking forward to work for? 

There are so many companies out there – including start-ups and long-time runners – that are hiring these days. Make sure you check out their environments, policies, and missions so you can see if they fall in line with yours.

Who can help you decide to do a career shift?

Online research can only get you so far. What you really need is to find someone, who currently works in the field you wish to transfer to, and talk to them. Ask them all the things you want to know about their work. Find out their experiences, which you can learn a lot from.

Don’t rush yourself making this decision. It is a significant change in your life after all. Just keep all of these in your mind and really reflect upon the things you really want to achieve in your career and life.


About The Author:

laurelLaurel Santos is a 24 year old grown up woman whose kid at heart. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer. She also manages a small pet shop inside their village. She loves traveling so much because she believes that one should not just die staying in without exploring the world.  She got a big heart for animals especially those stray dogs. Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about which is writing.