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Bottle Gourd (Upo) Production Guide

Bottle gourd or calabash (Lagenaria siceraria [Molina] Standley), is commonly called upo among the Tagalogs. Other local names are Tabungaw (Ilocano) and Kandol (Ibanag). This is a herbaceous, annual climbing plant with long strong tendrils and simple leaves. Fruits are globular, bottle- or club-shaped. Its length reaches up to one meter long. When the fruit [&hellip

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Patola (Luffa Gourd) Production Guide

Ridged gourd or angled Luffa gourd (Luffa acutangula) and smooth gourd (Luffa cylindrica) are commonly called patola among the Tagalogs and locally known as kabatiti among the Ilocanos and Ibanags. A tropical member of the Cucurbitaceae, the patola plant is an annual vine with tendrils and large, cylindrical fruits that are edible when young. Most [&hellip

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